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Direct Link: Famicom Denshimail – Hookups (2009/04/13)

This week we talk about how to hook up your Famicom or Twin Famicom to your TV. Note: These instructions are for North American NTSC sets only! We will cover (what we know) of NTSC-to-PAL instructions in the future.

Show notes:

After we had filmed this installment, additional questions came up — completely independently — about how to set up a Famicom on European PAL televisions. This lead to lots of discussion and speculation, so we’re trying to nail down the facts and get them into the next installment where we can fit the information. We also might have found out why you have to tune to channels 95 and 96 on a North American NTSC set! EXCITING!

Send us a question by leaving a comment on our video, or shoot us an email to denshimail@famicomdojo.tv. If your question is just crazy or interesting enough, it might make it onto the show! At the very least, you will get a (hopefully) swift reply to your query.

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