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Pre-E3 2011 Speculation: Project Cafe

If you’re seeing this, then either the world hasn’t ended, or you were left behind.

At least you’ll have Nintendo’s next console to keep you entertained!

Check out some idle speculation about what we’ll see at E3, but most what Nintendo needs to do to keep its fans happy:

What are your thoughts about Nintendo’s next system? Leave your comments below!

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$20 Game of the Week: The Legend of Zelda – The Twilight Princess (GC, Wii)

What better way is there to launch a new Nintendo console than with a flagship series? If Mario isn’t available, then there is always Zelda. The Twilight Princess is the Zelda title fans have waited for ever since before the Windwaker on the Gamecube (remember that footage of Link battling a skeleton knight?), and it was also a good preview of what we could expect on the Wii. As Link, you set out to save the kingdom of Hyrule from a creeping darkness that is slowly taking over it. At times you travel to the world within this darkness, where you take the form of a wolf as you seek out a way to burn it away. After getting rid of the darkness, you can then explore the light version of the world. The game does a good job of utilizing the new motion controls without making anything feel forced. You shake the Wiimote to swing your sword, and you can even aim it to fire your bow. You can also use it in a fishing minigame. Although the animations are a bit canned (remember, this was intended to be a Gamecube game), the controls are intuitive and fun. This is classic Zelda action at its best. You explore dungeons and gain new items that help you make your way through them, and you encounter bosses which force you to think your strategy through. Keeping in Nintendo tradition, Link doesn’t talk, although the story is still moving as there are plenty of water cooler moments and twists to keep you progressing through the game to see what’s next. With a new Zelda game on the way, now is the perfect time to check out this modern-day classic.

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Online Gaming Update: PSN, Live, And More

Here is your online video gaming update!

  • Playstation 3 PSN is online, after a 22 day outage. Avoid giving them your credit cards after the data breach, use a $20 Game Card.
  • Xbox 360 – Working as advertised, but you can get a great deal with a 12 Month Live Gold Card for $39.99
  • Wii – Try mashing random letters and numbers into your system, no telling who’s friend code you might accidentally get!
  • Steam – Still free, never stopped working.
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    Nintendo Officially Confirms Next Console

    Here it is. The news we’ve been waiting for. I guess. This press release confirmed Nintendo will show a new console at E3 in Los Angeles this year.

    This is of course, all it confirms. No price. No controller. No specs. No colors. No games. Just that they are working on it and will show what they have been working on.

    If you don’t believe me, here is that same news in English.

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    Wii 2 Details! HD Screen on Controller! 3D Without Glasses!

    We’ve got your first look at the next generation Nintendo system rumoured to be showed off at E3! All the ridiculous rumours you’ve heard are true! The motion controller will indeed feature an HD screen, despite the fact that the recently released 3DS had a totally shitty low rez screen.

    In keeping with the tradition established with the 3DS Nintendo brings us a 3D solution without glasses once again! Because of the way the 3DS technology only worked on a very small screen Nintendo was required to use great innovation to create 3D on a normal TV without the need of glasses. The answer was simple! Coloured contacts! By using a red contact in the left eye and a blue contact in the right eye, the tint, combined with groundbreaking mid 19th century anaglyph technology, creates the illusion of 3D!

    Girl Putting in Wii2 Contact Lenses

    We can only assume that the Wii2 or 3Wii as it’s been called by some, will support all the greatest 3D Hollywood movies displayed in crystal clarity in the groundbreaking 400×240 WVGA resolution that this system is said to be able to produce with as of yet unannounced state of the art 1990s graphics card technology. Movies and games will be available on flash cartridges or downloaded to the Wii2’s on board 2 GB hard drive.

    Disclaimer: If it wasn’t already obvious, this is 100% made up.

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    Lost Classics: ClayFighter (SNES, Genesis, Wii Virtual Console)

    While Interplay’s Clayfighter might not have been the best fighting game of the SNES days, it was certainly the most creative and original. At the least, it’s art style put it head and shoulders above other SFII rip offs. It also had a pretty creative ad campaign, which parodied other fighting games. When a meteor made of clay lands on in a circus, the clay infects the circus employees, transforming them into strange clay creatures based on their own personalities. Among them are an Elvis impersonator, an evil snowman, an blob of clay that can change its shape, and Helga, an opera singer. The animation style is unique, and the action will keep you in stitches. A “Tournament edition” was released, which fixed many of the game’s glitches and added some new play modes. There were a number of sequels released, and a DSIware/Wiiware revival has been planned. The game is available on Virtual Console. It may not be Street Fighter, but it will keep you in stitches the whole time you play it.

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    Stuff You Want for the week of 2010.09.20

    F1_XBox360 PS3_Move_Precision_Shot

    Not much out this week aside from more PS3 move accessories, F1 and Civilization V. Let us know what you think of this week’s releases in the comments!
    Listings are after the jump!
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    $20 Game of the Week: 5th Anniversary Special

    Times are tough, especially in the midst of this economic recession. That’s why we here at powet are proud to help bail gamers out of the hell of playing the same things over and over again. For the past 5 years, we have helped gamers like yourself find cheap ways to increase your gaming library. TO celebrate, we have formed this special stimulus package featuring 10 games that are available for $20 or less. Some of them are even available for free. So click after the jump, and check out some cheap gaming.
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