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Powet Presents: Do You Keep These Sleeves?

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A lot of movies and video games seem to come with cardboard sleeves around the plastic cases. These seem like something to hold additional materials, or maybe as a box for multiple discs (such as a season of a TV show). More often than not I end up with boxes that are just for a single movie in a single case. Maybe they help the movie stand out on a shelf in a store?

What do you think? Do you keep these sleeves? Do you keep your cases at all?

Powet Presents: MAGfestX 2012 – Richter Belmont vs. BrentalFloss

MAGfest X was a fantastic festival of gaming and music for almost all involved, but for a certain vampire hunting professional, it was a quest to regain the honor of the Belmont family after it was questioned and poked-fun at in lyrical-form by a certain video game parody singer.

This was the clash that resulted.

Powet Presents: MAGfest X – Earthbound Papas Opening

As our coverage of MAGfest X continues, Sindra managed to get prime viewing for the Earthbound Papas performance at MAGfest X, and captured their entrance and first song!

Transformers Custom Defensor

Fellow Poweteer, Dez, has shared a custom Defensor he made in his spare time. There are lots of pictures from all angles in the thread he posted here.

He’s actually put it on e-bay too. You can see the auction here.

Sean is NOT The SpoonyOne

It’s about a month before MAGFest 2012. We’re going to get you excited for a new convention season by taking a look back at last year’s MAGFest.

This week, we find that Sean was often confused for Noah “The Spoony One” at last year’s convention. Actually, this footage is mostly from PAX East 2010, but that’s another convention, so it’s all good, right?

Next time, we’ll let you see something you HAVEN’T seen before!

Dragon Age: Redemption Episode 6 – Saarebas

“What are you doing?” “Falling into the pit.” XD

See of you can spot an actual location from Dragon Age II! More after the jump: [Read the rest of this entry…]

Dragon Age: Redemption Episode 5 – Mercernaries

The penultimate chapter reveals secrets hidden by one character, and the flight of another! Watch:

Just how they might wrap it all up in one more episode, after the jump: [Read the rest of this entry…]

Dragon Age: Redemption Episode 4 – Nyree

(See if you can catch the Dragon Age 2 reference to Cassandra, “head of the Seekers”:)

Why it ain’t easy getting a hot meal in Thedas, after the jump: [Read the rest of this entry…]

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