First, the bad news:

Unfortunately, there are no plans to release Animated Season 3 or to re-release Season 1 or 2 at this time. Granted, all plans are always subject to change, but we do not want to promise anything at this point in time.

Thats directly from Hasbro Q&A on This is extremely disappointing to anyone who collected the first 2 seasons of course, but also leaves anyone who missed the show in its first airings completely in the dark. Hopefully Hasbro will remember that Transformers are still PRINTING MONEY right now and any more product they can get into the market is good.
Some of the last Animated figures, Rodimus and Ironhide will appear as Toys R Us Exclusives this fall. If you want these figures, get a job at Toys R Us so that you can buy them as soon as they come in. Arcee disappeared quickly, too quickly.

In lighter news, Animated will air in Japan soon, and it got a killer anime intro sequence.

This is the best thing since Shinin’ Your Soul!