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PowetToys: Animated Activators Cliffjumper

Finally got my hands on an Animated Cliffjumper figure and figured I’d share it with everyone.
Did you like Transformers Animated? Activators? Comment! Let us know.


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Powet Alphabet: C is for Cassette Transformers

Since the alphabet is the building block of our language, the Powet Alphabet is the building block of what makes us geeks.

The debut of the Transformers toy line in 1984 featured many different toys that were originally from several different toy lines in Japan (Diaclone, Micro Change). Soundwave, a robot that transformed into a micro-cassette recorder, was among the first figures in the Transformers line. Unlike most of the other Transformers in that first wave, Soundwave had a gimmick that went above and beyond just being able to transform and back. He was able to fit other Transformers that took the form of micro-cassettes in his chest.

This was a really well received gimmick and more Transformer micro-cassette figures would be released over the years that could fit in Soundwave and his Autobot counter-part Blaster. The truly unique aspect of these cassette Transformers was not so much in the fact that they could fit in the chest of another Transformer, but rather the variety and range of things, into which, these cassettes were able to transform all from the very same small form factor.

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Powetcast Episode 11: BotCon 2009

powetcast We just got off the plane from BotCon 2009 in LA, and now you have a new Powetcast! In the same room for the first time in years, our panel takes the opportunity to share Transformers news, delve into what they thought about this year’s convention and BotCons past, and how much everyone is looking forward to the Revenge of the Fallen.

Enjoy this special Powetcast for the week of June 1st, 2009! Tune in in two weeks for our regular news and features.

(Did you go to BotCon? Go to the Paramount Party? Leave a comment and tell us what you thought of this year’s convention!)

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BotCon 2009: Transformers Animated Voice Actors

"Weird Al" Yankovic and David Kaye

You know what’s weird? “Weird Al” having to ask David Kaye “how do we do this?” That’s pretty weird – especially weird for David Kaye. “They can make that happen, this is LA.”

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PowetToys: Animated Jetfire and Jetstorm

Music clips during transformations are instrumentals from Tony Bacala. You can listen to some more of his stuff here. (Warning, its a MySpace page with autoplay.)

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Transformers Animated: One Season Left

The Transformers Animated series started with some skepticism, which soon turned into delight for many Transformer fans. Now with two seasons down, and the soon-to-premiere third season all but confirmed as the final season of the series, fans are of the show are left wanting more. Fear not fans! Its not over yet. It may be the final season, but its only starting this Saturday with a 90 minute premiere entitled ‘Transwarped’.

This season is sure to have quite a few things under its sleeve. Derrick Wyatt has posted a couple teaser images on his blog, A Delightful Tedium.

Join us after the jump for a fun look at what’s to come.
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PowetToys: Transformers Animated Sentinel Prime

Yes. I know you can see the lamp in the corner. My little camera preview screen apparently crops what it actually records. Which also partially explains the bottle of water.

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Activision quietly announces new Transformers game

Check out this ad for the Transformers Animated DS game that just popped in my mail box.

Notice anything fishy?

Yeah, I know this game is OUT, why is Activision sending me an email now?

But seriously, they’re hyping Revenge Of The Fallen in the lower right corner there. And since this is an Activision ad, chances are its not for the movie. Its for the tie in game.

I seriously, seriously hope they do a better job than the last time around.

Find out more about the actual advertised game at the obviously titled

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