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Famicom Dojo Podcast: Video Game Babies

Kids get a bad rap in video games. Sometimes they’re beat up to pull emotional heartstrings, but mostly they’re just annoying. Is there a way for kids to be used or portrayed in games that isn’t exploitative or make you want to cause yourself bodily harm? Vinnk and Sean run down the appearances of children in games, from the NES all the way to the upcoming Mass Effect 3, across consoles and the PC. We also run down the history of unlicensed NES publisher Color Dream, and what their originally shocking games turned into.

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It’s FemShep Friday with the Mass Effect 3: Reinstated Trailer

FemShep fans, wait no longer! The long-promised trailer featuring the voice of Jennifer Hale and the character model that was chosen by popular Facebook vote back in 2011 has finally arrived. But so have the Reapers, and it’s time for this “grounded” Spectre to get back in the game!

Are you ready for galactic civilization to fall on 3-6-2012?

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Famicom Dojo Podcast: Can’t Wait for 2012

What a year! 2011 brought its share of good games, bad weather (including a tsunami that devastated parts of Japan), and lots of changes for Famicom Dojo. Sean and Vinnk discuss what games they’re looking forward to in 2012, if the PS Vita is already a failure before it’s even been released in the US, and if the Wii U will be making its appearance before the end of the year.

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TGS 2011: Mass Effect 3

Quick rundown:

  • The Squad points system has been overhauled to offer more focused specialization for each power: area of attack vs. focused and powerful
  • Apparently there is no one brave/stupid enough to go up against the Reapers (due apparently to indoctrination), but the return of this “fertile female” to the Krogans means they will join Shepard in the fight.
  • Since no one is currently against the Reapers, that means all the Cerberus troops you fight against are allied WITH them somehow — not too surprising given the end of Mass Effect 2.
  • Liara is totally wearing her Lair of the Shadow Broker outfit! Lazy? Or just continuity?
  • Heat sink packs are still littered about this game. Oh well!
  • Play controls haven’t changed much, but I often find myself rolling out of cover when I just want to stand up. Is there a better button for this?
  • All of the usual biotic powers work the same way as the last two games, so warping the armor of the final piloted Cerberus mech was really no problem.

No, really! I turned to Vinnk after I was done and asked him if he was scared for me facing off against that huge machine.

All too easy.

VERY much looking forward to this in March 2012!

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Live Action Mass Effect 3 Trailer

Click through for a the video
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