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Famicom Dojo Podcast: Video Game Babies

Kids get a bad rap in video games. Sometimes they’re beat up to pull emotional heartstrings, but mostly they’re just annoying. Is there a way for kids to be used or portrayed in games that isn’t exploitative or make you want to cause yourself bodily harm? Vinnk and Sean run down the appearances of children in games, from the NES all the way to the upcoming Mass Effect 3, across consoles and the PC. We also run down the history of unlicensed NES publisher Color Dream, and what their originally shocking games turned into.

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TGS 2011: Mommy Tummy (Serious Game)

We’re joined by Tak of the Imari Tones — Christian Heavy Metal rocker, and composer/performer of the new Famicom Dojo theme song “RPG” — to find it what it’s like for women to go through child-bearing. Check out the 12 steps of pregnancy in this exclusive video!

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