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The Powet Top 5 – Best movies of 2012

Welcome to the Powet Top 5, where we explore the top (and bottom) 5 items we think are relevant to any of a variety of topics that span the imagination. Sit back, read, and respond

21 Jump Street - Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill

2012 is now behind us. The year came with it’s share of decent movies. I made a pact with some friends to catch most of the summer movies and aside from that crappy Spider-Man flick I can honestly say I had a good time at all of them. So here’s a look at my top 5 personal favourites of the year. I’m sure to miss some of your favourites so feel free to let me know why I’m wrong in the comments!

I already discussed my favourites of 2012 on this week’s Powetcast. I took a little more time to look over the year’s movies before putting together my final list. I also made sure I saw the Hobbit before I wrote this article, though you will notice that I found it undeserving of being included.

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Movie Posters: The Watch

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Allen Gregory has been canceled

Untitled Allen Gregory Project

Allen Gregory, a hilarious show that everyone hated, the best thing in Fox’s animation domination block, has been canceled.

Where did Fox go wrong? Fox went wrong in cancelling this show! You, the audience went wrong in not embracing its brilliance! This hilarious comedy is the greatest new one in years, which means absolutely nothing, because all the comedies on TV right now suck because you idiots can’t tell a good one if it takes a shit between two piece of garbage Fox animated shows that all you mouth breathers are supporting!

Jonah Hill voicing Allen Gregory

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Movie Posters: The Sitter

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Bonus Features Denied

So I rented the movie Get Him to the Greek from Netflix. I was a big fan of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but missed this quasi-sequel in its theatrical run. I think renting a movie before purchasing is a perfectly acceptable and legal way of watching a movie, and allows me to make an informed decision before deciding if I like a movie enough to re-watch it often enough to warrant owning it.

Netflix is often times presented with bare-bones discs, which is fine if you just want the movie. After the movie was over, the DVD returned specifically to the special features menu. Seeing a slate of deleted scenes, I thought I’d continue the laughs and opted to “play all.” I was presented with a message: “This disc is intended for rental purposes and only includes the feature film. Own it on Blu-Ray or DVD to view these bonus features and complete your movie watching experience.”

Universal Pictures, it seems, was content to load only the movie on the disc, but not change the menus so that selecting ANY option other than the movie will show the above message. This is really obnoxious and annoying and I’m wondering how many movies I’ve rented from Netflix with similar messages I never accessed.

I’d like to mention that I’m not really against a bare-bones DVD release for renters, but to keep all the menus in tact and waive this “PLEASE BUY THE MOVIE” message up front is fairly strange, and almost abusive to the viewer. Why do I feel like a criminal when I pay my Netflix bill? You guys sold them the DVD! I could’ve downloaded a pirate copy and seen no such message!

Sadly, the tactic worked, as the movie was hilarious and I’ll probably buy it to watch any expanded features. Still, there is a nice way to do things and I’m not sure Universal did it.

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