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Man of Action Producing New Mega Man Animated Series for 2017


According to the website Deadline, a new Mega Man animated series in in the works from Man of Action, producers of shows such as Ben 10 and Ultimate Spider-Man. A 26-episode series is planned for 2017, although there are currently no details about what network it will air on or its release schedule. Although fans aren’t too fond of MOA’s current effort Ultimate Spider-Man, I personally enjoyed the show. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, and the animation would work quite well with Mega Man. Besides, it’s not like it can be any worse than Captain N’s green dwarf with a speech impediment, the Ruby-Spears series from the 90s, or the bat-guano-insane Brazilian comic. This is probably the closest we’ll get to a new game for now. Then again, there’s also Mighty Number 9, which is available for pre-sale on Steam.

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Powet Top 5: Cartoons That Didn’t Need Remakes/Sequels

It seems to be that so many cartoons were so beloved in the 1980’s and early 1990’s, that dollar signs could be seen in the eyes of many a television executive in terms of potential goldmines that needed to be further tapped. Granted, many of us remember these original series fondly through the grace of nothing more than nostalgia-tinted glasses, but whatever the case was a lot of the cartoons we grew up with were blessed with awesome. (either cheesy awesome that we didn’t care about much as kids, or through actual honest talent in writing and execution.

And thus, several show saw “comebacks” in the mid-to-late 1990’s and early 2000’s, either as reboots of their original series of sequels, that meant to bank on said nostolgia value and gain the same acclaim that the previous installments gained from much of us.

Sadly, a lot of them failed. Some, miserably so. Either it was because new concepts were being tried that failed, or that concepts that were popular and worked with shows that were made around a certain medium tried the opposite approach and came off looking half-assed at best and utter crap at most. And then there were some that just should have stopped while they were ahead.

These are a few of those.
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Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot first impressions

Care Bears Welcome to Care-a-Lot - Compassion -- Not! - Beastly and Grumpy Bear

After hyping up this new show for weeks the premiere came and went without any comment. Why, you might wonder? Well as a Canadian I do not have access to the Hub, but fear not as the “first” episode of Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot is now available for viewing online at the hub’s web site, for a limited time, to people who live in the US. I found the show decent, with some nice animation, some nice characters and a few good jokes, but ultimately probably too juvenile to find a home with adult fans.

Care Bears Welcome to Care-a-Lot - Compassion -- Not! - Penny arrives in Care-a-Lot

One thing to note is that this was in fact not the first episode. This is episode 5 “Compassion — NOT!”. Why start with episode 5? I can’t pretend to understand the thought process of network executives. Perhaps this was a stronger episode they thought would hook more fans? All I know is that it not being the first episode was a bit annoying. From one of the preview clips we knew that “Care Kids” were transported to Care-a-Lot via a “Care and Share Charm”. This information would have been helpful to tell audiences in this episode, instead a girl named Penny is brought in by a rainbow and seems very unsurprised to be transported to this magical world of talking Bears who she’s meeting for the first time. Her acceptance of this incredible situation is something I can only compare to the unsurprised reaction of various characters from Megaman Upon a Star when Megaman enters the real world from the video game world. Another annoying situations is that Wonderheart Bear clearly has a belly badge, although a plot point of the first episode will obviously be her getting one.

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Care Bears: Welcome to Care-A-Lot Theme Song

Care Bears: Welcome to Care-A-Lot - Grumpy Bear

Here’s what appears to be the theme song for the new Care Bears: Welcome to Care-A-Lot cartoon:

The song can be found on the American Greetings web site playing with the new “Care Bears Cheers For All!” game. The video from the clip above was added separately from other footage. An instrumental version of the tune can also be heard in the background of many of the videos that showed up recently introducing the cast of the new Welcome to Care-A-Lot series. It stands to reason this is the theme song for the show, but there has been no specific confirmation of this. We’ll know for sure come June 2nd at 8am when the show premieres on the Hub. How do you like the new theme song?

Check out the Care Bears section of the Hub web site for some new wallpapers and other cool stuff. I’ve included images of some of those below.

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Meet the Care Bears from the new series

"Care Bear Stare" billboard for Care Bears on The Hub June 2nd

The new Care Bears series “Welcome to Care-A-Lot”, which will premiere June 2nd, is a bit over two weeks away and the Hub and American Greetings are busy advertising. A huge Care Bears billboard sporting the words “Care Bear Stare” can now be seen in Los Angeles, in the same location that many popular My Little Pony billboard have been posted.

In addition to this a number of videos introducing various Care Bears are now online on the American Greetings web site. Check out videos to introduce Cheer Bear, Funshine Bear, Grumpy Bear, Harmony Bear, Share Bear, Tenderheart Bear and Wonderheart Bear.

Grumpy Bear makes the best of a bad situation

So who’s your favourite bear to date? Grumpy Bear seems promising, with his carry all which seems something like Batman’s utility belt. It should be noted that Funshine Bear is male in this show. Though female in the original Care Bears cartoon, Funshine Bear’s sex has changed in later series.

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Napoleon Dynamite animated series first impressions

Napoleon Dynamite cartoon - Napoleon, Pedro and Deb in the cafeteria

Tonight Fox premiered the first two episodes of the new Napoleon Dynamite TV series. Is this a new hit for Fox’s Animation Domination block or will it go the way of Allen Gregory?

I’m a huge fan of the Napoleon Dynamite movie, so I was both worried and excited at the prospect of a show. Despite the excitement of an animated version of a favourite movie of mine, there’s always the concern that this would turn out to be a piece of garbage that’s an insult to the film, like other animated series based on great movies such as Spaceballs and Strange Brew.

Napoleon Dynamite cartoon - Kip Create and Uncle Rico pretending to be a child

It’s still a bit early to make any final judgements, but I found the show to be pretty funny. Though not as consistently funny as the film, each episode included some pretty solid jokes which made me laugh, which really is all you can ask for from a comedy. The show was reminiscent of the movie, and although some dialogue seemed unnaturally repetitive from what we’ve heard, the general tone seemed pretty consistent, while adding a certain level of cartoon silliness as we can only expect from such a show.

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Allen Gregory has been canceled

Untitled Allen Gregory Project

Allen Gregory, a hilarious show that everyone hated, the best thing in Fox’s animation domination block, has been canceled.

Where did Fox go wrong? Fox went wrong in cancelling this show! You, the audience went wrong in not embracing its brilliance! This hilarious comedy is the greatest new one in years, which means absolutely nothing, because all the comedies on TV right now suck because you idiots can’t tell a good one if it takes a shit between two piece of garbage Fox animated shows that all you mouth breathers are supporting!

Jonah Hill voicing Allen Gregory

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SDCC 2011: Clips From the Napoleon Dynamite Animated Series

Napoleon Dynamite The Animated Series

At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con a number of clips from the upcoming Napoleon Dynamite animated series were shown. Fox has shared these clips on their YouTube channel. In this first amazing clip Napoleon rides in on Tina the llama and meets a liger!

Keep reading for more clips, the trailer and some footage from the San Diego Comic-Con pannel.
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