Untitled Allen Gregory Project

Allen Gregory, a hilarious show that everyone hated, the best thing in Fox’s animation domination block, has been canceled.

Where did Fox go wrong? Fox went wrong in cancelling this show! You, the audience went wrong in not embracing its brilliance! This hilarious comedy is the greatest new one in years, which means absolutely nothing, because all the comedies on TV right now suck because you idiots can’t tell a good one if it takes a shit between two piece of garbage Fox animated shows that all you mouth breathers are supporting!

Jonah Hill voicing Allen Gregory

Shows that have not been canceled include The Simpsons, which has sucked for longer than it has been good, Family Guy, which just wants to piss you off but expects you to keep watching, American Dad, which is just a pale imitation and the Cleveland Show, which should never have existed in the first place.

Surely Fox has a Seth MacFarlane comedy about a fat man, a hot chick, some quirky talking creature, a loser son and a bitch daughter sitting in the wings to take its place. Until that happens the Napoleon Dynamite animated series will be filling in starting this Sunday. I’d ask you to watch it and see if it’s good, but if it’s good you probably won’t, and if it sucks you surely will.

Jonah Hill and Will Forte are clearly too good for TV.

Source: TV Series Finale