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Canceled Part 3: A Maximum Letdown Special

Today, we celebrate Memorial Day. A day where we commemorate the sacrifices our brave soldiers have made for this country. However, we, as nerds, must also commemorate something else: games that have been canceled and left on the cutting room floor. Bow your heads in silence before reading this article.
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Allen Gregory has been canceled

Untitled Allen Gregory Project

Allen Gregory, a hilarious show that everyone hated, the best thing in Fox’s animation domination block, has been canceled.

Where did Fox go wrong? Fox went wrong in cancelling this show! You, the audience went wrong in not embracing its brilliance! This hilarious comedy is the greatest new one in years, which means absolutely nothing, because all the comedies on TV right now suck because you idiots can’t tell a good one if it takes a shit between two piece of garbage Fox animated shows that all you mouth breathers are supporting!

Jonah Hill voicing Allen Gregory

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Canceled! A Maximum Letdown Special

Recently, Duke Nukem Forever was released. As everyone knows, this game was in development for so long, that it was feared to be canceled at one point. With the lukewarm reception the game has received, it might as well have been canceled. However, not all games are fortunate enough to see a release, let alone after this long. The following is a list of releases that never made it off the cutting room floor. BTW, this list does not include ports or translations of games that were canceled, just games that were canceled completely, so you can miss me with the emails about why the Dreamcast version of Shenmue 2 isn’t on here.
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