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Toy Fair kicked off over the weekend a day early with a media event put on by Hasbro. This gave the company a chance to present their plans for the next year or so for all of their product lines. There was so much information in the presentation that we have broken it down into smaller chunks. Here is an update on the state of the Marvel Legends line and its glorious return to retail.

Marvel Legends will be featuring card art from Ed McGuiness.
Looks like most figures will be getting variants.

Wave 1 (January 2012)
Modern Era Thor
Steve Rogers
Iron Man
Ghost Rider (Blue Flame)
Variant: Steve Rogers (some colors are different. not sure of the significance)
Variant: Stealth Iron Man
Variant: Yellow flame Ghost Rider
Build-A-Figure: Terrax


Images from’s coverage here.

Wave 2
Heroic Age Captain America
Daken (masked)
Drax The Destroyer
Madame Hydra
Big Time Spider-Man
Variant: Daken (unmasked)
Variant: Madame Masque
Variant: Future Spider-Man
Variant: Piledriver
Build-A-Figure: Arnim Zola
Build-A-Figure Variant: Arnim Zola w/ Red Skull face/torso


Images from’s coverage here.

Wave 3
US Agent
Blade (new)
Mystique (lots of guns)
Moonstar (not mentioned, but announced at NYCC last year)
Jim Lee Punisher (not mentioned, but announced at NYCC last year) has another great gallery where the two above pictures came from. You can see that here.

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