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CoolToyReview.comhas gotten word from a ‘reliable source’ (grain of salt recommended) for the lineup for the next wave of Marvel Legends. Curiously, the listing also shows UPC numbers. The wave will consist of the following:

  • Adam Warlock (UPC # 65356931894)
  • Black-suit Spider-man (UPC # 65356931891)
  • Silver Savage (UPC # 65356931893 – Silver Surfer from the Planet Hulk storyline)
  • Spiral (UPC # 65356931895)
  • USAgent (UPC # 65356931890)
  • Union Jack (UPC # 65356931892)

And it appears that they have wildly guessed on the Build-A-Figure for the wave so I won’t even mention what it was.

I am ecstatic about a Spiral figure, assuming its done right, but rather apathetic to the rest of the wave. I’m still waiting on a Nimrod Build-A-Figure. Make it happen Hasbro!