Hasbro had lots of new Super Hero Squad assortments on display. I couldn’t really tell you whats new and what isn’t, but some of the multi-packs fascinated me. The one above includes Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Loki, Enchantress, and a Frost Giant! Notables single figures (from the 2-pack assortments) include MODOK, Taskmaster, Spiral, Bucky Cap, Ronan the Accuser and Thanos.

SHS_Figs_01 SHS_Figs_02

A full gallery of Marvel’s display from Preview Night can be found here at TNI where I mirrored some of the images from.

More images and updates for SHS after the jump including the SHIELD Helicarrier!

They had new pop-up playsets on display. Neat idea, cool implementation. Especially Doom’s castle!

SHS_Playset_01 SHS_Playset_02 SHS_Playset_03

SHIELD Helicarrier is Heli-awesome!


If you haven’t seen it already, the SDCC 2010 Super Hero Squad exclusive was a 3-pack with Iron Man, the Mayor of Super Hero City and Dr Doom in robe with tea and morning newspaper. Its pretty great.