We’ve been very busy trying to bring the latest and greatest news that came out of Toy Fair 2012 over the past week. As a result, we wanted to bring all of that coverage together in one place for easy reference. You will find links to all of the Toy Fair 2012 related news coverage below. As we continue to update with more information in our post-mortem analysis of what went on, we will update the list below with any new articles.

Toy Fair 2012: Hasbro Acquires STAR TREK License
Toy Fair 2012: Hasbro Media pre-show event � GI Joe
Toy Fair 2012: Hasbro Media pre-show event � Marvel Legends
Toy Fair 2012: Mattel�s MOTU Classics announcements
Toy Fair 2012: Better images of the SDcC GI Joe Transformers Shockwave HISS Tank
Toy Fair 2012: Bandai Thundercats (or lack thereof)
Toy Fair 2012: Playmates TMNT
Toy Fair 2012: Mattel’s Voltron
Toy Fair 2012: Avengers Cologne