Hasbro and Marvel held their panel for their various action figure lines and there were some surprises including a promise to return to Marvel Legends in a big way in 2012. I take back what I said in this post, but I hope we are back to full waves of single figures and not these 2-packs. Its certainly a way off, but any news is good news at this point.

In the meantime, lets look at some of the big reveals for everything else they had to talk about after the jump!

Image in banner and where watermarked are mirrored from MarvelousNews’ Gallery here.
More images will be added as things are put in display cases and pictures of those start coming in.

Marvel Universe (3.75 inch line)

The series 3 (2011 product) artist for the packaging was named as Olivier Coipel from House of M and Thor.

2011 Wave 1 (Sping)
Captain Marvel
Doc Sampson
World War Hulk
Iron Man (didn’t see that coming)
Spider-man 2099
Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

2011 Wave 2
Jim Lee style Cyclops
1st Appearance Wolverine

Team Packs (Sping)
Classic Thor
Gold 1st Armor Iron Man
Tiny Wasp and Ant-man


X-Force (all in their dark X-Force costumes)


Gigantic Battles
Frost Giant with Loki
Bill Foster Giantman and Clone Thor (half metal face. ugh.)

Materwork Series (Think giant Galactus)
Sentinel (2 versions shown) comes with Wolverine

Thor movie figures
A brief slide was shown during the presentation showing the first Thor action figure for the movie. It was not clear what scale it was, but it said to check the display cases on Sunday. I will update with more info when I have it.

Iron Man (6 inch line)
This line will be expanded and will include Crymson Dynamo and Titanium Man. It sounds like this is what will lead into the return of the much missed Marvel Legends line.