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SDCC 2012: Preview Night – Marvel Legends

We’ve been teased about Hasbro’s Return of Marvel Legends Wave 3 for some time now. We’ve seen a few of the figures and heard the line up, but now we finally get our first look at the entire wave along with some sneak previews of Wave 4 (Wave 1 for 2013).

Join us after the break for pictures, reveals and lineups!
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Toy Fair 2012: Hasbro Media pre-show event Marvel Legends

Image from

Toy Fair kicked off over the weekend a day early with a media event put on by Hasbro. This gave the company a chance to present their plans for the next year or so for all of their product lines. There was so much information in the presentation that we have broken it down into smaller chunks. Here is an update on the state of the Marvel Legends line and its glorious return to retail.

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NYCC 2011: Lost’s Harold Perrineau is the voice of Blade

Harold Perrineau as Blade the Vampire Slayer

Hey did you know there’s a Blade anime? Well there is, and Marvel has announced that the voice of Blade for the dub will be none other than Harold Perrineau, Michael from Lost. Will Harold be able to live up to the legacy left by Wesley Snipes, Sticky Fingaz and a bunch of people you’ve never heard of who voiced him in video games? With a great movie and TV show predating it, this anime has some tall shoes to fill.

The Blade anime has already started airing in Japan and will be playing on G4TV in January 2012 along with many other Marvel anime shows. We previously gave our thoughts on a number of these shows on the Powetcast back in May.

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