Famicom Dojo is back for its second episode! In this installment, we go over why the Famicom Disk System was such a tremendous boon for console gaming worldwide, even though the peripheral never made it to North American (or other) shores.

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For a full workup of the features of the Famicom Disk System, check out our first (and so far only previous) episode about halfway through the video. But, heck, why not just watch the whole thing?

Famicom Dojo: Famicom and Disk System

During all this hullabaloo in Japan about disks and battery backups, one peripheral did manage to grace both hemispheres of planet Earth — the Robotic Operating Buddy, or “R.O.B.” for short. Covering the US release in Powet.TV’s first smash-hit video is our very own Phil Bond in his first Gaming Archaeology segment:

Gaming Archaeology: R.O.B.