“The Nintendo Difference” – a promo video released before the GameCube launch, with a lot of footage of games like Raven Blade and Donkey Kong Racing that never came out, in addition to a look at Kameo (which eventually came out on Xbox360) and some clearly pre-rendered concepts of Mario Kart and Metroid Prime alongside the infamous Legend Of Zelda Link/Gannondorf fight.

“Mario 128” Demo, which is either a tech demo or some kind of hint at an oddball sandbox game, it didn’t prepare us for or even hint at Super Mario Sunshine.

“Raven Blade” was developed by Retro Studios, who were taken off the project to create Metroid Prime, and are still on the franchise today. Retro was also apparently developing a football

“Dead Phoenix” was a Capcom developed game that was to be exclusive to the Gamecube, along with Resident Evil, Viewtiful Joe, PN 03, and Killer 7. It was never released, and rest were ported to Playstation eventually with the exception of the space dancing shooter PN03.

“Rebirth” – this one got a lot of people talking as it seemed to have a lot more hints that it might be an actual game than the usual oddball tech demos that are shown. 6 years later, all that exists is this video.

“StarCraft: Ghost” which was a game cancelled for Gamecube, then cancelled for Playstation and Xbox, and finally cancelled altogether. Multiplayer was even looking good. Along with World Of Warcraft, Blizzard was trying to take one of their franchises in a brand new direction, and its a pity it never seemed to work.