wii_shell.jpgThe Nintendo press conference has already gone down, the Microsoft one is still coming. Want some of the important points of an already insanely busy day?

Nintendo Wii still doesn’t have a release date (they say “Q4”) or a price (everyone implies $249), but it does have a launch list including Zelda Twilight Princess, which will be released on both GameCube and Wii on the same day. Other announced Wii titles: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, New Fire Emblem, Rayman, Sonic Wildfire, and Super Mario Galaxy!

And anyone worried that the WiiMote won’t be any good for playing older games on the virtual console need only look at the attahed image.

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4CR once again provides fanatical dedication to Nintendo news. click for their run down of the press conference, with all the Wii news as well as the announcement of Star Fox DS, Yoshi’s Island 2.

gta4.JPGMicrosoft, not flinching in the face of the atomic Sony and Nintendo press events, gives the 360 a shot in the arm. 2 Years ago, Peter Moore was happy to reveal the Halo 2 release date as a tattoo on his arm. This year, he’s sporting some new ink… Grand Theft Auto 4 will be released on 360 first. Talk about a surprise!

Microsoft is also getting the PSP puzzle hit Lumines for Xbox Live Arcade.

Joystiq has a great blow by blow review of the Microsoft press event

h3_e32006_ChiefIntro.jpghalo3.jpgOh, and suprising no-one, Bungie reveals their next game…

Halo 3

Theres a teaser trailer, and I know anyone who saw the ending of Halo 2 will want to eat the words of their tagline: “Finish The Fight.” The teaser is available in 720p on their website AND on Xbox live right now.

Added 5:50 PM:Ok, now that I’ve had time to grab the announcements and major news, here are some actual videos to watch and some articles:

Super Mario Galaxy HD

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Final Fantasy XIII

Gears Of War HD

Halo 3 (in case Bungie.net link fails)

Gamespot Metroid Prime 3 hands on

Mario Galaxy art

Wario Ware: Smooth Moves art

Added 10:00 PM:

Activision is showing off a very impressive trailer for Spider-Man 3, which is something since we haven’t seen a trailer for the movie yet.

Twilight Princess demo (real trailer coming soon)

There it is!

The Third Annual Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess E3 trailer.