tetrisdslogo.jpgMe reviewing a Nintendo product. A sign of the end times perhaps? Nah, I just wanted to one-up Phil, Zac, Sean and aDam.

Anyway, as long as there are video vames, there will be Tetris. Alexey Pazhitnov‘s puzzle masterpiece set the standard for all puzzle games that still hasn’t been matched to this day. Many different versions exist as Java/Flash web games, game cartridges,homebrew applications, etc. So what makes Nintendo’s latest entry so different? The integration ofclassic Nintendo franchises,the sheer variety of game types, and the addition of Mariokart-like items to the classic versus mode.

Standard – the regular Tetris we know and love, make lines while Mario idly navigates levels.

Mission -Decorated withthe Legend of Zelda, play standard Tetris while meetingdifferentgoals to progress.

Catch -Themed aroundMetroid,pieces are caughtwith alarge mass manipulated by the player. The mass shrinks when (minimum) 4×4 masses are created within it.

Touch -The main character from Balloon Fight is trapped in a cage atop a tower of tetriminoes. Use the touch screen to slide blocks around,eliminate the tower,and set the Balloon fighter free.

Puzzle -With a nod toYoshi’s Cookie, clear screens withpredetermined sets of pieces. The challenge is in figuring out the order and orientation.

Push – This mode is available in multiplayer. On one end of the field is Donkey Kong, on the other is Mario. Each opponent drops pieces toward the center, and as lines are cleared, the center moves toward the opponent. When the stack reaches the enemy goal line, you win.

All the game types plus Wi-Fi support make this one of the best versions ofTetris yet, and a must-buy for puzzle fans with a DS.