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Gaming Archaeology: Totaka’s Song

Quirky Nintendo music composer Kazumi Totaka has a 19-note tune that he likes to hide in his games. Have you heard it? Do you know how pervasive it is? Is it still hiding in yet-to-be discovered places? [Read the rest of this entry…]

Rare Animal Crossing downloads at TRU this week

Tom Nook News article on gives you the how-to. Rumor has it there are several items to get through this deal, so you may want to plan multiple trips, or possibly one long one. Kotaku seems to think these are Mario-themed items, and I have little reason to doubt them, though they did get the conclusion date wrong.

This late news is in effect now through the 30th.

Gaming Archaeology: R.O.B.

He’s become an increasingly popular cameo in first-party Nintendo games, but what the Hell is R.O.B.? How does it work? Have you ever played Gyromite without cheating?

Questions? Refer to the Wikipedia page for which I claim total responsibility.

Transfer Your Nintendo WiFi Profile to a New DS

transferI had heard a rumor of this capability, but was having such a hard time finding out the exact procedure that I was starting to think it was a myth. With the American launch of the DS Lite creeping up, I tracked the method down. It’s easy, but slightly hidden, just like everything else to do with WiFi settings on a DS.

Step 1: With your old DS, boot up any WiFi-enabled game and go into “Nintendo WiFi Connection Setup.”

Step 2: From the orange “Options” box on the right, select “Transfer Nintendo WFC Configuration.”

Step 3: Take your empty new DS, and select “DS Download Play” from the main system menu.

That’s it. Your new DS will now work with all your old lists and IDs for all of your games. Your old DS will be given a brand-new WiFi ID the next time it’s taken online.

Letting you in on the joke

Walkure no DensetsuIn Soul Calibur II, Cassandra had an unlockable third costume, remembered for its winged helmet. General opinon was that it looked goofy, though not unlikable. The outfit returned in Soul Calibur III as individually-purchased articles of clothing. In my browsing of tiny anime girl figurines, I’ve found multiple sculpts of this odd secret costume and wondered why. When I saw that it was back again in merchandise for Namco X Capcom, I got suspicious. After some research, I found Valkyrie. I love an obscure cameo, and this one ranks in with the Ice Climbers. 

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