Submitted by Powet reader Nathanael Wade, we have some blurry video from an Animal Crossing E-Reader card. I’ll take some legible video once I track the card down for myself, but for now: here’s some of what you get when you scan Animal Crossing card #P15…

Other updates for Totaka fans:

I’m creating a “Totaka” tag here at Powet, so you can see all the major and minor Totaka stories in one place.

Emulation enthusiasts have made another hacker’s discovery, this time in “X” a.k.a. “Ekkusu” for the Game Boy. The song is definetly in the soundtrack in simple, familiar form, but now the question remains: how to access it as a player?

Still nothing solid on the deconstruction of Wii Sports. Some people are chasing ghosts, desperately claiming vague resemblances as real discoveries.

Reports keep coming up that K.T. is credited in Wii Play, but it’s only as an advisor, not a composer. This does not arouse my expectations.

CORRECTION: Totaka is NOT credited in Warioland for the Game Boy. I apologize for perpetuating that misperception, but on the bright side: that shortens our known wanted list down to just Wii Sports and Waverace 64.