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Famicom Dojo Podcast: The Horror

Famicom Dojo Podcast 109: The Horror

What are your favorite scary games? How about just ones that remind you of Halloween, or are about traditional “scary” critters, but are just too darn cute to be scary themselves? Or, depending on what actually scares you, extreme isolation? Sean and Vinnk invite Sindra and David back to the podcast for this special Halloween episode! And we may or may not discuss the P.T. Silent Hills demo… JUMP SCARE!!

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$20 Game of the Week: Rogue Legacy (PC, OSX, Linux, PS3, PS Vita)


Developed by Toronto based Cellar Door Games who describe it as a Rogue-Lite, Rogue Legacy is a perfect example of why the indie movement remains fresh with new concepts and ideas. A combination of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Dark Souls, and The Binding of Issac, Rogue Legacy is a challenging game that pushes players forward by challenging them. You make your way through four areas as you battle monsters, gather items, and fight bosses. You will die, and die often. However, when you die, you take control of one of three possible descendants, each with their own abilities and traits, and your stats and equipment carry over to them. The real fun of the game comes when choosing the descendant. There are several traits a character can have. While some are cosmetic, others affect gameplay. For instance, characters with ADHD move faster, characters with vertigo play the game upside down, and characters with the nostalgic trait see everything with a golden hue. In between attempts, you can upgrade your family’s manor to upgrade your abilities, hire personnel such as blacksmiths and architects, and unlock new items and equipment. Oh yeah, the game’s layout resets each time you play, unless you pay the architect to lock down it’s design. Thankfully if you defeat a boss one time, it remains defeated. While Rogue Legacy will be very difficult at first, it gets easier with every attempt. Players who stick with it will be rewarded. When you complete the game, you’ll unlock a new game+ where you can play with your upgraded stats in a much harder quest. Players who love old-school exploration style games will love Rogue Legacy, as long as they are prepared to accept the challenge.

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