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Powet Alphabet – M is for Mindless Self Indulgence

You know those certain types of bands that sing a certain type of music that’s so damn catchy, despite whatever your musical tastes are, you can’t help but nod your head in beat with the rhythm? Lady Gaga is many a person’s guilty pleasure for that fact alone, so we all know it happens.

That’s pretty much what Mindless Self Indulgence is – though much more palatable and a bit less shame-inducing. (for me, anyway)
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Powet Alphabet: M is for Metropolis

Metropolis. Most readers have probably heard of this movie at one point or another. I would bet few have ever actually seen it, though.

It has many achievements to its name; one of the highest number of extras of any movie, the most expensive silent film ever made, but most importantly for the science fiction genre, the first movie to ever feature a female android, or gynoid. This is one of the many reasons that M is for Metropolis.

Read on to learn more about the movie and why we care about it.

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Powet Alphabet: M is for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in the Megazord Cockpit

Since the alphabet is the building block of our language, the Powet Alphabet is the building block of what makes us geeks.

The Might Morphin Power RangersIn the summer of 1993, a wondrous new phenomenon began with Mighy Morphin’ Power Rangers. This is a show which, in a way, continues today in vastly inferior shows also carrying the name “Power Rangers”. Here I will be discussing only “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers”, which is what the show was called for it’s first 3 seasons, when the Power Rangers wore the first iconic uniforms they did. This spans the era of the Dinozords, the Thunderzords and finally the Ninja Zords, which includes the first movie. It stops when Power Rangers Zeo starts, but it’s best not to dwell on such things…

A Team of Teenagers With AttitudeThe concept of the show was simple. When the Earth is threatened, 5 teenagers are given the ability to metamorphosise or “Morph” into … well teenagers in spandex of the same colour as the only colour they have in their wardrobe, which gives them the incredible power of dinosaurs and weapons which they use to fight their enemies. They use these to protect the city of Angel Grove, which is always the target of attacks. Each week consists of them dealing with some life problem, facing off against a monster, good guys morph, bad guy is grown, good guys call giant dinosaur robots, good guys win. Rinse, repeat.

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Powet Alphabet: M is for Mega Man

Rock. The Blue Bomber. Mega Man has shaped a generation of gamers with his buster gun and irrepressible charm.

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