You know those certain types of bands that sing a certain type of music that’s so damn catchy, despite whatever your musical tastes are, you can’t help but nod your head in beat with the rhythm? Lady Gaga is many a person’s guilty pleasure for that fact alone, so we all know it happens.

That’s pretty much what Mindless Self Indulgence is – though much more palatable and a bit less shame-inducing. (for me, anyway)

Created in New York City 1997, the band (consisting of Jimmy Urine, Steve Righ, Lynz and Kitty) is a mash-up of punk, alternative rock, techno and a bunch of other sounds depending on the song. They’ve opened for such bands at Linkin Park, Korn, Sum 41, and have a close working relationship with The Birthday Massacre. (the latter having opened and toured with them various times, as well as doing collaborative work)

MSI (as they are often abbreviated) became a hit in the early 2000’s and became the crazy synthpunk band with wild hair (particularly Jimmy Urine) and outfits that would make mothers raise an eyebrow. Regardless, their music was popular enough and catchy enough to warrant 4 albums in the span of a decade.

Despite the punk era of music being more-or-less on the decline since the 20XX decade began, MSI will remain the epitome of craziness that encompassed music in the late 90’s and the 2000’s. (as well as make you feel a little bit better about your fashion sense and hair style)