Theres not much more about these games that hasn’t been said by myself or aDam, but if you missed out on them, Lucasarts is compiling all the gameplay from both LEGO Star Wars games into one monster title called LEGO Star Wars The Complete Saga. They’re throwing in some new stuff of course, and the DS game is going to be new from the ground up (which is good because the port of LSW 2 didn’t go over so hot).

PS3 and Wii owners will of course be happy to get the games for the first time on their platforms, but XBox 360 players might feel slightly cheated. LSW 2 came out on the system only last year, and added download content from the prequel trilogy for a price. Oh well!

No release date or price yet, but it should be soon, and even at $60 its reasonable cost for the mountain of solid fun for all ages game play.