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Custom Transformers G1 Octane

Custom G1 Octane post banner

In a previous post, I mentioned that I had found a couple of very impressive scratch-built customs of a couple Transformers Generation 1 characters. The same person who made those customs is at it again with another Generation 1 character, the triple changing Octane. Its still in progress, but impressive nonetheless.

Custom G1 Octane Plane Custom G1 Octane Robot Custom G1 Octane Truck

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Custom G1 Wheelie and Cyclonus

Meandering across message boards, as I do, I happened upon a link to a couple of cool customs. These customs were made from scratch and are based on the Transformers Generation 1 cartoon versions of Wheelie and Cyclonus. Check them out! They are surprisingly faithful to the original concept.

Custom Cyclonus Custom Wheelie

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Powet Toys: Art Asylum’s Marvel MiniMates

Don’t forget to check after the jump for more information on minimates and lots of additional pictures of other properties with the minimate license!
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Customs Workshop


In an effort to do more around here, I’m going to start posting any cool customs I see on the net, and once in a while, put up some stuff I have in my files, which is pretty expansive (200+ MBs in size).

So I’ll start off with Freestyle’s Deluxe Primus. Hit the links for the full gallery.

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