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BotCon 2014 Exclusives revealed – Pirates vs Knights


Botcon 2014 is nearly upon us. Signaling 30 years of franchise history, the convention is sure to be one for the books. This year’s set will follow the theme of pitting Decepticon Pirates against Cybertronian Knights. Join us after the break for a look at each of this year’s exclusives!


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SDCC 2012 Exclusive Checklist

SDCC 2012 is just a few short days away. The news should be starting to flow even sooner than that thanks to preview night and all the companies trying to steal each other’s thunder. To start the festivities for Powet.TV’s coverage we have put together a rather extensive checklist of exclusives available at the convention. There are over a hundred images in this post of cool things you can find at the con, but there may still be some gaps. If you see any, add it in the comments!

Join us after the jump for plenty of exclusive goodness!

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The Powet Top 5 – Botcon Exclusive sets

I have been attending Transformers conventions for over a decade now. I not only own all of the convention exclusive sets offered over that time, I have experienced the convention and its prevailing atmosphere each year. I wanted to make a list of the five best Botcon exclusive sets, not just based on the toys, but on much more than that. Innovation. Character Selection. Overall theme. Fan Demand. I made this list with all of these things in mind to bring forth the most cohesive and synergistic sets to date. Have a look through each of my selections and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Reminder: Mattel 2010 SDCC Exclusives on sale at MattyCollector today

A reminder to fans of any Mattel products. Today at 12 Noon EST, will have all of their 2010 SDCC exclusive items up for sale. Here is the link to full order page for easier ordering. Here is a list of what will be on sale:
Orko w/ Prince Adam (this is not the color-changing orko)
Mo-Larr/Skeletor MOTUC 2-pack
DCUC Plastic Man figure (without the suitcase accessory)
JLU Starro the Conqueror boxed set (will not include Starro spores for 6 inch figures)
Cars Toon Tokyo Mater
Retro-Action Real Ghostbusters Peter Venkman
Toy Story 3 Disney/Pixar Collection Lotso
WWE Undertaker
Avatar Jake Sully vs Colonel Miles Quaritch Figures

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Powetcast Episode 23: Turtle Fever

Are remakes bad, or just a natural part of the multimedia lifecycle in the entertainment industry? News on the future of Dollhouse, Optimus Prime, and Jackass, with reviews of Turtles Forever, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and Blackest Night.

Audio Netcast Details
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Direct Link: Powetcast Episode 23: Turtle Fever

(Are there any upcoming remakes that are turning your head? Leave a comment below!)

Show notes after the jump!

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Logo Analysis: 7th Kingdom

Some may remember an episode of PowetToys early on that focused on the Four Horsemen’s FANtastic Exclusives for 2006. The exclusive was based on an original story premise from the Four Horsemen called The 7th Kingdom. The exclusive figure was a minotaur named Xetheus of the Animal Kingdom and had several variant figures. In the course of that episode, I looked at the logo and revealed what sections of the design represented which kingdoms from the storyline. This was not public knowedge beforehand, nor had it really been discussed before the episode’s release. The design hadn’t seen much exposure before the figures’ release. Because of this, I have been credited for this revelation.

The 7th Kingdom was so popular in the FanEx polls, it has been spun out into its own line, independent of the annual FANtastic Exclusive promotion. I thought I would take this opportunity to take a look at the logo and how I figured out what symbols went with what kingdom.

Read on for some simple reasoning, research and deduction.
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More He-Man MOTUC details

Image courtesy of

The other day I posted that He-man and Beastman would be the next two figures in Mattel’s new exclusive Masters Of the Universe Classics (MOUTC) line. I jumped the gun a little because I was pretty sure I had a scoop since hadn’t seen the info anywhere else. It turns out, they were on display at SDCC and a bunch of additional info was revealed and posted to Here’s some of the highlights:
– King Grayskull sold out on both and at SDCC
– Availability will be:

  • He-Man – October 31st
  • Beast Man – November 15th
  • Skeletor – December 15th (was not on display at SDCC)
  • Stratos – January 15th (was not on display at SDCC)
  • Merman – February 15th
  • Zodac – Sometime in 2009

– He-Man will have both a normal Power Sword as well as the classic toy half-sword
– From the 12 regular figures released in 2009, two will be characters who never were available as toys ever, and two will be characters who were released in the vintage line but not in the 2002 line
– Figures are limited to 3 per household
– Mattel produced two “Spirit of Grayskull” figures (blue translucent versions of King Grayskull). One was raffled off on Saturday at the con to a lucky fan. The other one will be auctioned in October for Dream Halloween 2008
– No Chase figures are planned right now (THANK GOODNESS!), but they are still a possibility
– Convention exclusives are being planned in 2009 for both NYCC and SDCC
– Some figures will have multiple heads, like Mer-Man
– Bios on the card will be based on the story arcs from the classic toy mini-comics and 200x line
– Mattel is currently looking into the possibility of including mini-comics later in the line
– BAFs (Build a figures) are only a possibility if the toyline is successful
– Mattel is exploring the possibility of a subscription plan for the toys
– Mattel is exploring the possibility of a comic book series available via
– No news about the movie; they are still in script developement

I have included some more tidbits from that came up from a Q&A outside of SDCC after the jump.
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Marvel Legends Red Hulk and Nemesis waves go exclusive

In a move sure to aggravate fans of the two highly anticipated waves of Hasbro’s Marvel Legends, The Red Hulk wave will be a Target exclusive wave and the Nemesis wave will be a Wal-mart exclusive wave. Just the thought has already given me twitchy flashbacks to the scarce availability of Toy-Biz’s Wal-mart exclusive Giant-man wave.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Red Hulk BAF

The Target wave is due to hit retail in September of 2008 at US$9.99 per figure.
The wave is set to include:
Adam Warlock
Back In Black Spider-man
Silver Savage
Union Jack
X-Force Wolverine
VARIANT: Wolverine

Hasbro Marvel Legends Holocaust BAF

The Wal-Mart wave is due to hit retail in December of 2008 at US$9.99 per figure.
This wave is set to include:
Astonishing Beast
Yellow Daredevil
VARIANT: Camo Punisher w/ painted face
VARIANT: Red Daredevil
VARIANT: Blue Tint BlackBolt

News and Images from:

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