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You Got Your Fallout 4 in my Forza!


I gotta admit, Forza is the last place I’d expect to see a Fallout 4 tie in, but here it is. The recently released Forza 6 is getting a Fallout themed racing pack featuring two cars inspired by the upcoming sequel. The first is a rusty 1956 Ford F100 with a Vault-tech inspired paint-job while a second vehicle, a Chryslus Rocket 69 coupe, will be available soon for only a limited time. I can’t imagine putting your beat up Ford F100 up against the game’s multi-million dollar sports cars, but hey, whatever makes you happy. This isn’t the only Fallout 4 promotion either. Bethesda has partnered with Jones Soda Co (the maker of all those bottled hipster sodas with pictures on them) and Target to produce Nuka-Cola Quantum, a brand of cola inspired by the game’s radioactive beverage which has it’s caps used as currency. Fortunately, unlike its digital counterpart, there will be no trace of radioactivity. As you know, Fallout 4 hits next Tuesday for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Hopefully this should tide you over until then.

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SDCC 2012 Exclusive Checklist

SDCC 2012 is just a few short days away. The news should be starting to flow even sooner than that thanks to preview night and all the companies trying to steal each other’s thunder. To start the festivities for Powet.TV’s coverage we have put together a rather extensive checklist of exclusives available at the convention. There are over a hundred images in this post of cool things you can find at the con, but there may still be some gaps. If you see any, add it in the comments!

Join us after the jump for plenty of exclusive goodness!

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Powetcast 120: Sequels To Cars Movies

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Resident Evil Motorcycle Unveiled

At the CES tradeshow this past weekend, it seems Capcom had a little something to show off to the other exhibitors. In collaboration with Savage Cycles came the creation of the Resident Evil Limited Edition Violator chopper to be unveiled at their Dark Void party at CES in Nevada.
Can’t think of a more kick-ass ride to have for zombie-thrashing. You know, short of an armored car with a cow-catcher.

More images after the cut!
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Top 5: Coolest Movie Cars!

Welcome to the Powet Top Five, where we subjectively list the best of the best (or the worst of the worst) from the worlds of movies, games, comics, and toys.

In our first installment, in honor of The Dark Knight, I’m going to show you what I think are the top 5 fictional cars used in movies. If you think I missed one, leave a comment!

The Tumbler
When Batman Begins required a realisitc reboot of Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego, they made the drastic move of changing everything about the Batmobile. Previous incarnations, used in the Adam West TV series and in the 1989 Michael Keaton Batman movie, were nothing short of stylish and certainly fit in with the times and style of the movies themselves. What makes the Tumbler cooler than the rest is its an actual working car. Built from scratch with a Chevy 350 V8 engine, this gigantic beast does everything you’d expect from the movie version except use live ammo or jump across buildings. It will tear up a track better than any other Batmobile (top speed of the 89 Batmobile is said to be roughly 30 miles per hour), reaching speeds of 100 MPH on the highway chase scenes.
Is it practical? No way. Just because it works like it should doesn’t mean its a good daily driver, as its massive with limited visibility for the driver. Parallel parking would be a nightmare… of course you could just crush other cars and park where you want.

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Bungie Staff Nearly Crash Real Warthog

Weta Workshop started work on the Halo movie some time ago, and even if that’s been put on hold, they continue to work on the Halo short film series thats been leading to the Halo 3 release, as well as developing an as yet unseen game set in the Halo universe. Part of this is making props, replicas, miniatures, and in this case, functional vehicles from the game.
Bungie’s Frank O’Conner elaborates.

Some of the Bungie boys are in New Zealand this week, working with Peter Jackson on the Halo project. For fun, they got to drive around in a real, functioning Warthog. At the wheel, Curtis Creamer, producer extraordinaire –on the turret, Mr. CJ Cowan our cinematics director, and Harold Ryan, studio head rides shotgun. The powerful, four-wheel steering and almost perfect replica of the Hog is fast and agile. Amazing then that Curtis uses these abilities to smash it into what he describes as “the illogical wall section” at a parking lot near Weta.

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A Real UNSC Warthog From Halo

In Bungie’s Weekly Update reveals WETA’s work on the in-limbo Halo movie was not in vain, and that future short films promoting Halo 3 will be more awesome.
You see, they built a full size, fully operational Warthog. Favored vehicle of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers and Spartan Mark Vs alike, this sage green beauty is actually tearing ass all overthe beautiful rolling hills of New Zealand.

I don’t suppose than chain gun works, but if this is even close to the 4 wheel drive/4 wheel steering of the Halo original, its gotta be a blast.

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Transformers Movie Ironhide Custom GMC Topkick Rolls Out

A couple weeks ago I found a beat up second-generation Camaro on craigslist, and was sorely tempted to drop $3 grand on a car worth turning into Bumblebee. Due to the amount of work needed, I had to pass. However, another chance to own a Transformer has just come up.

ironhide2500.jpgEdmunds reports that Monroe Truck Equipment in Monroe, WI has teamed with Hasbro to customize GMC TopKick 6500 pickups to the specs seen on Ironhide in Transformers. Complete with the big-rig stacks and the 20 inch wheels paired with 40 inch tires. Oh, and the Autobot logo is molded into the back tailgate, just as in the movie. This truck may not turn into an actual Autobot, but it will transform your wallet to empty: Retail price is $75,000.

Additional reporting from The Monroe Times. Powet.TV world headquarters is mere minutes away from this shop, so we’ll do our best to be on the scene when the first Ironhide rolls off the lot.

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