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Powetcast 36.5: An E3 And A Dollar Short

powetcast365Posted a little later than promised, and a little later than any other game site worth their salt was finished their coverage, its our E3 reactions! The panelists of obsessives, compulsives, and couldn’t care less consists of Zac, Crazy, aDam, and Sindra.

Now, the exciting conclusion to Powetcast 36: War For Botcon!

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Top 10 Best Trailers Of E3

e3.jpgIts the last day of E3, and all the publishers, studios, businessmen, designers, and artists have played their best hand of the year. There is no comparison in any other industry. Imagine if Hollywood showed a trailer for every movie of the next year on the same weekend. Thats crazy! And yet its E3.

In that spirit, those of us who follow at home don’t get hands on impressions, we just get 2 minute snippets of the games we’ll be playing from now until next E3. Who had the best?
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E3 Konami – New Silent Hill, Never Dead, and…Castlevania?

e3.jpgSo if you’ve been paying any kind of attention to our E3 topic in the forums, you know there’s a lot of shyte flying around at this year’s E3. Today was Konami’s press conference, of which I was particularly interested in due to the BLOW OUT that was last year’s huge Konami reveal. (Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, if you were taking up residence under a rock)
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Powetcast Episode 12: E3 and the 80s

powetcast Last time we went to BotCon. As soon as we stepped on the plane to go home, E3 started. Catch up on all your E3 news here! Also, reviews of Terminator, Conan O’Brien on the Tonight Show, and much more!

(What did you think of the E3 announcements? Leave a comment below!)

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Direct Link: Powetcast Episode 12: E3 and the 80s

Show notes after the jump!
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E3: Castlevanias in Action

Swagshow, a venue not unlike our own here at Powet but limited to YouTube videos, managed to make their way down to E3 and capture some footage of the two new Castlevania games, Order of Ecclesia and Judgement.

Order of Ecclesia already had some footage released that’s been floating around the net, and this video just provides greater coverage of the Glyph system that the game uses, as well as a bit of dialogue between main character Shanoa and her mentor Barlowe. The Glyph system is interesting in that you can assign glyphs to each hand to attack with, using either the same glyph for both or different glyph for each. As has been mentioned before, the action will be combination of styles from previous recent Castlevania games such as Symphony of the Night or Dawn of Sorrow, with a traveling map similar to oldschool classic Simon’s quest.

As for Judgement, we only get to see a small snippet of playtime. Playable characters revealed are Simon Belmont, Maria Renard, and Alucard. Though gameplay seems fluid and the characters seem to move and attack well, the game thus far looks like a clone of Soul Calibur….with zombies. However, I will hold off on my contempt for the game until I get to watch the full thing when it’s released.

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E3: Ed Boon Interview About MK vs. DC

During some E3 exploits, Mortal Kombat producer and the overall frontman of the series Ed Boon sat down and talked alot about the upcoming Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe game.

More detail is explained by Boon, and shown in background during gameplay, about the differentiations between the Fatalities and Brutalities that the MK and DC characters have respectively. Also shown is a new component of the Kombat franchise called “Freefall Kombat”, wherein both warriors are in a state of pounding the hell out of one another whilst falling from a great height in an attempt to build a power meter to deliver a super move by the time they hit ground. An interesting concept, though seems a bit gimmicky to me.

What really excited me about watching the gameplay was twofold. Firstoff, the gameplay, though technically being 3D, has a much more 2D linear feel to it that reminds me of classic 2D MK games of old, without the motion confusion of more recent games. The other aspect was that many of the old signature character moves that have faded as the MK series as gone on seem to have returned. Scorpion has his classic-rendition of his Teleport back, while Sonya has both her Ring Toss attack and Scissor Grab move. These moves will come in handy for oldschool players who will be standing off with DC legends like Flash who works similar to Kabal but somehow seemingly more fluid, and Superman, who’s packed with heat vision, ice breath, and earthquake attacks.

Check out Gametrailer feature.

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E3: Resident Evil 5 Gameplay

Though E3 thus far seems to be slightly more lackluster than previous years, it seems some diamonds are still managing to shine through the layer of mediocrity that has so far been shown.

Some rather impressive Resident Evil 5 footage has been shown out of E3, and while IGN has some clips to show off of the game along with a tentative release date of March 19th 2009, Gamersyde comes through with some high-resolution video for your viewing pleasure. Due to some bandwidth issues on their part, we’re unable to directly stream the video from here, but feel free to check out the videos *HERE*

Thus far, what we see is some good single-player action featuring good ol’ Chris Redfield, including tangles with the disgruntled locals, as well as some nasty confrontations with a rather imposing individual wielding a hulking sledgehammer/axe ready to bash your brains in. We also see some co-op play with your lovely female compatriot Sheva Alomar. From what I can tell, the environment and gameplay is strikingly similar to what we saw in Resident Evil 4, though game producer Jun Takeuchi states that enemies won’t be like the Ganados, and will be more intellegent.

This might be all we see of the game until it’s release next year, but so far everything is looking A-OK as far as living up to hype.

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Resident Evil 5 Trailer from E3

As I reported on earlier this week with Umbrella Chronicles, the head honchos from Capcom have seen fit to tease us all a little more with a new trailer for the long anticipated Resident Evil 5 game, which has yet to have a confirmed release date. A smaller trailer had been seen before which depicts a unidentified male protagonist roaming about a deserted 3rd-world village (ala: RE4), only to be swarmed upon by fast-moving unseen figures.

This new trailer gives a bit more insight to the environment that RE5 will take place in, and some hints as to what may be affecting people. It also gives a bit more exposure to the protagonist. (who was “spoiled” a few weeks ago to supposedly be Billy Coen from RE0)

More info will be shared as it becomes available. Here’s hoping this isn’t the last we’ve seen from E3 of the famous survival horror goodness that is Resident Evil.

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