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Powet Alphabet: K is for Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts Banner

Since the alphabet is the building block of our language, the Powet Alphabet is the building block of what makes us geeks.

The Kingdom Hearts franchise is a series of video games which varies in quality from amazing to barely playable. Let’s look at the series at it’s best and worst.

The concept was a weird one that didn’t seem to mesh at all. Take some Disney characters, throw them in with a bunch of Final Fantasy characters, toss in a few Keyblades and see what comes up. The result, it would seem, was something gamers really took to.

Kingdom Hearts - Sora and Bambi

Though the game was Japanese first, it included a ton of Disney characters. The concept in the first game on the PlayStation 2 was basically that each new world was based on a new Disney movie which brought it’s characters into the fold as well. Even amongst the Disney characters the range of types of movies varied greatly, but they still managed to coexist in the rich world that was created quite well.

The game’s Hero is accompanied by Donald Duck, Goofy and Jiminy Cricket. Disney themed worlds are based on Alice in Wonderland, Hercules, Tarzan, Winnie the Pooh, Aladdin, Pinnochio, The Little Mermaid, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Peter Pan. Beyond these worlds other characters from other Disney properties make appearances. We see Mickey, Minnie, the Brooms from Fantasia, Merlin, 101 Dalmatians, the Fairy Godmother and Cinderella, Aurora and Maleficent, Snow White, Belle and the Beast, Simba, Dumbo, Bambi, Mushu, Chip and Dale and Huey, Dewey and Louis.

Kingdom Hearts 2 - Sora as Simba from the Lion King

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Sailor Moon: La Luna Splende Italian DS game now available for pre-order

Sailor Moon: La Luna Splende Nintendo DS cover

The new Italian Sailor Moon Nintendo DS game will be released at the end of this month. The game is now available from pre-order from a number of sites that offer international shipping. For ease of use users may prefer to order from this link at the Italian Amazon which just went up today. Aside from it’s familiar layout is also compatible with existing amazon accounts. The game itself is 31 euros (~$42 US). I just put an order in with express shipping for 20 euros (~$27.50 US), which isn’t cheap. Slower shipping is also available for a slightly less expensive 14 euros (~$19.30). The game is also available from for 27 euros (~$37.20 US) but shipping seems to be over 30$.

Sailor Moon DS game La Luna Splende screenshot Sailor Mars and a bat

Earlier this week Sailor Moon fan site Moon Chase reported that the game’s release date was moved up to the 21st of March. This reference a press release by TOEI that used that date, though various online stores included the new Amazon link still show a March 31st a release date.

Keep checking out for all your Sailor Moon news as well as information about this game. You’ll surely be sick of hearing about it once I get my hands on it.

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3DS Release Date March 27th for $250

Nintendo’s official Twitter reports that the Nintendo 3DS finally has a release date of March 27th, and will launch with the pricetag of $250 USD.

More details and game releases after the cut!
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Sailor Moon: La Luna Splende DS game screenshots

Sailor Moon DS Game La Luna Splende Screenshots
Some screenshots have surfaced from the “Sailor Moon: La Luna Splende” Nintendo DS game which we previously reported will be released in Italy this Spring.

Sailor Moon DS Game La Luna Splende Screenshot Sailor Mars and a Bat

Sailor Mars and a Bat

We can only guess as to just how this game will play out but it looks like a classic side scroller kind of game not completely unlike the Sailor Moon S game for the Sega Game Gear.

Sailor Moon DS Game La Luna Splende Screenshot Sailor Moon vs. Lord Kaspar

Sailor Moon vs. Lord Kaspar

We see a “Sailor … vs. Lord Kaspar” screenshot for each of the five girls. Is this a screen showing for a boss battle? Maybe something for a one on one mode? Kaspar would be the Italian name for Kunzite or Malachite as he’s known in the dub. One nice thing seems to be that we shouldn’t need to put up with too much Italian text in this game from what we can see.

Sailor Moon DS Game La Luna Splende Screenshot Sailor Jupiter fighting Kunzite

Sailor Jupiter fighting Kunzite

Keep reading for the rest of the 16 screenshots from this very promising game.

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Italian Sailor Moon DS game coming this Spring

Usagi playing the Sailor V arcade game

As part of the current Sailor Moon revival going on in Italy there will be a new Sailor Moon game for the Nintendo DS this Spring! Fans have speculated about this game for some time but some substantial information, including box art, is now available.

Sailor Moon - La Luna Splende Italian Nintendo DS box art

Namco Bandai games Europe has announced (English translation) this new game which will be called “Sailor Moon: La Luna Splende” or “Sailor Moon: The Shining Moon”.

Players will be able to play as either of the five girls, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter or Sailor Venus, with the help of Tuxedo Mask. Naru (known as Molly in the dub) has fallen into a deep sleep caused by magic and the girls must enter her dreams to rescue her. Players will go through three worlds, “Jewel Palace”, “Mystery Castle” and “Flower Garden”, each of which will have 20 to 30 stages. Naru is certainly no stranger to sleep. She spends a good part of the first season being put to sleep by one enemy or another.

Naru falling asleep in classNaru sleeping at school

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Stuff You Want for the week of 2010.09.20

F1_XBox360 PS3_Move_Precision_Shot

Not much out this week aside from more PS3 move accessories, F1 and Civilization V. Let us know what you think of this week’s releases in the comments!
Listings are after the jump!
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Powet Alphabet: H is for Handheld Gaming

Since the alphabet is the building block of our language, the Powet Alphabet is the building block of what makes us geeks.

GameboyIn the short time they had been around, manufacturers took steps to make video games available in as many formats as possible. After their arcade origins, games were made available on home computers, and consoles. After making consoles which allowed interchangeable cartridges, the next logical step would be to make games that you could take with you on the go. From the tabletop electronic games of the 60s and 70s to the Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, and everything else in between, there has been no better way to pass the time.
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$20 Game of the Week: Bleach – The Third Phantom (Nintendo DS)

thrdphantomBleach the Third Phantom is the fourth Bleach video game released in the U.S, and the first that isn’t a one-on-one fighter, but rather a strategy RPG akin to Shining Force. The game is loosely tied to Bleach continuity, and it starts several years before the start of the series. The Third Phantom stars a pair of twins (one of which you choose and name beforehand) who are attacked by a hollow in the Rukon district. Afterbeing rescued by a group of Soul Reapers (including younger versions of Kiskue Urahra, Soske Aizen, and Kaien Shiba) the two decide to become Soul Repaers themselves. When a powerful enemy attacks the Soul Society, the twins shunted forward in time to the modern day where they meet Ichigo and his allies. There are around 60 playable characters, and nearly every major player in the Bleach series makes an appearance.
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