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Sailor Moon Halloween costume available at Hot Topic

Hot Topic Sailor Moon costume preview from their website

Hot Topic, who previously had a number of Sailor Moon shirts on sale, as reported by Powet, has lots of new products on sale including a full on Sailor Moon Halloween costume.

The costume itself looks kind of cheap, but that cheapness is mostly relegated to the locket, tiara and hair covers. If a cosplayer used a locket toy and spend some effort into making more high quality versions of those cheap parts, they could put together quite a costume!

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America’s Next Top Model winner Adrianne Curry kicked out of Comic Con for sexy Ĉon Flux cosplay

Adrianne Curry San Diego Comic-Con costume Aeon Flux Ĉon Flux SDCC 2011

So the police kicked a girl out of San Diego Comic-Con for wearing a costume which was too revealing. Oh … and that girl was actually Adrianne Curry, winner of the first “America’s Next Top Model”. Oh yes and she was actually a guest at the convention…

She was wearing a very revealing costume of Ĉon Flux. How revealing? Well it was more revealing than the one worn by Charlize Theron in the 2005 live action film, but it was actually pretty spot on to the costume from the original Peter Chung animated series that aired on MTV in the early 90s.

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SDCC 2011: Olivia Munn Cosplays as Sailor Moon

Olivia Munn Cosplaying as Sailor Moon at SDCC 2011

Cosplay is a big part of conventions and no one loves dressing up in a slutty, nerdy costume more than former Attack of the Show host and attention whore Olivia Munn. At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con she dressed as Sailor Moon. Of course just dressing in a slutty Sailor Moon costume wasn’t quite enough for Olivia Munn, so she went on to post a photo of herself, half dressed, getting into her costume on twitter.

Olivia Munn, half naked, putting on her Sailor Moon costume at SDCC 2011

This wasn’t the first time Olivia wore this particular costume. Back in October 2008 she wore it on a Halloween episode of Attack of the Show, and proceeded to skank it up something fierce as Kevin Pereira, dressed as Billy Mays, pretended to violate her.

Olivia Munn Cosplaying as Sailor Moon on Attack of the Show doing a Sexy Pose Olivia Munn as Sailor Moon on Attack of the Show Olivia Munn Cosplaying as Sailor Moon on Attack of the Show getting railed by Billy Mays

Check out footage of that episode in the up video below:
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Mortal Kombat Sexy Cosplay shows us that Mortal Kombat guys at NetherRealm Studios knows that 98% of its target audience are guys.

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PAX East 2011: The Legend of Hung-Li Video

Beard-Li vs. Hung-Li

As promised in this article detailing the fun and games of crossplaying as Chun-Li at PAX 2011 here is a video of all the fun and games, including the epic confrontation between Hung-Li and Beard-Li.

Hung Li posing with Jerry "Tycho" Holkins of Penny Arcade

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PAX East 2011: The Legend of Hung-Li

Penny Arcade mentions a "Grown-ass man cosplaying as Chun-Li"

Update: Watch the video of the shenanigans

At this year’s PAX I decided to cross play as Chun-Li and the reception was pretty excellent. A Penny Arcade strip even mentioned a “Grown-ass man cosplaying as Chun-Li” though it’s debatable if this was a reference to me or not. More on that later…

Hung Li posing with Jerry "Tycho" Holkins of Penny Arcade

My costume wasn’t great. It was put together for this video review of the not so great movie “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li”. What it did do of course is show a LOT of leg. And by a lot of leg I mean some leg and some ass and maybe some balls. More details on my adventures at the con and my confrontation with my rival “Beard-Li” will be featured in an upcoming video. For now here’s a little overview of some highlights with photos and links to various places on the Internet where I’ve popped up.

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Powet @ PAX East – Cosplay Extravaganza

Although it’s usualy anime convention who get the attention as far as cosplay goes, PAX East had its fair share of good cosplay this year.

For the most part……..

You can see what I mean, especially after reading my cosplay article.

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Darkwing Duck dressed as Sailor Moon

Darkwing Duck as Sailor Moon
I am the danger that fights evil by moonlight! I am the middle schooler that wins love by daylight! I am … Sailor … Duck?

Here’s Drake Malard aka Darkwing Duck from issue #8 of Boom’s recent Darkwing Duck comic, dressed as Sailor Moon! This is hardly the only cameo in this issue, as a seemingly endless number of alternate Darkwing Ducks all appear and it seems any mildly relevant comic or pop culture character from the past several decades makes an appearance. Tron, Sherlock Holmes, Where’s Waldo and more and more and more and … more.

Just check out a few examples from just that frame:

Sailor Moon and many others cameo in Darkwing Duck

Thanks to poster Twighligh Ghost for bringing this to my attention in a post in the otherwise deserted newsgroup.

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