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Powet @ PAX East – Cosplay Extravaganza

Although it’s usualy anime convention who get the attention as far as cosplay goes, PAX East had its fair share of good cosplay this year.

For the most part……..

You can see what I mean, especially after reading my cosplay article.

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John Carpenter’s The Thing in stop motion with GI Joes

The post title pretty much sums it up. I came across this video on I was pretty much mesmerized. No dialogue either. Have a watch!

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glu Mobile Transformers Teaser

This is mildly old news by now, but I haven’t seen this specific trailer appear online yet. glu Mobile was on hand at Botcon 2008 with a display that had this trailer on loop. I finally got some video issues worked out and got it uploaded so everyone could see. Enjoy! (Apologies for the screaming kids in the background. Its a toy convention.)

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Cobra Commander’s Turkey Dinner

DR Smoov, the greatest living mock voice actor and video artist strikes again. His previous work ofTransformer films is a great indication of the quality of his GI Joe work.

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