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Sailor Moon Halloween costume available at Hot Topic

Hot Topic Sailor Moon costume preview from their website

Hot Topic, who previously had a number of Sailor Moon shirts on sale, as reported by Powet, has lots of new products on sale including a full on Sailor Moon Halloween costume.

The costume itself looks kind of cheap, but that cheapness is mostly relegated to the locket, tiara and hair covers. If a cosplayer used a locket toy and spend some effort into making more high quality versions of those cheap parts, they could put together quite a costume!

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New Sailor Moon Shirts on Sale at Hot Topic

Sailor Moon Shirts at Hot Topic - Sailor Moon with the Cutie Moon Rod

It’s been infinity years since new Sailor Moon merchandise has come out in this continent so it’s great to see these 4 shirt designs available on the Hot Topic web site. The shirts are in girls junior sizes so they’re not exactly aimed at the adult man child demographic. Here’s hoping I fit into the 3XL shirts I ordered…

Sailor Moon Shirts at Hot Topic - The Sailor Team - Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus Sailor Moon Shirts at Hot Topic - Cats Artemis and Luna "We're Purrrfect Together" Sailor Moon Shirts at Hot Topic - Tuxedo Mask "I Need A Hero!"

The four designs include a white shirt featuring Sailor Moon with her Cutie Moon Rod and black shirts featuring Sailor Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, Mars and Venus, Artemis and Luna with the slogan “We’re Purrrfect Together and Tuxedo Mask with the slogan “I Need A Hero!”.

Thanks to Mercurius at the Genvid Forums for noticing these and thanks to Sabrblade for making higher quality pictures of the shirts.

Don’t forget that the rerelease of the Sailor Moon manga in English starts on September 13th! Support Powet by preordering the Sailor Moon and Sailor V manga through the links below:

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