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Pre-E3 2016: Injustice 2 Trailer

Warner Brothers/Netherrealm Studios released the trailer to the sequel to it’s groundbreaking DC fighter Injustice: The Gods Among Us. Check it out above then click after the jump for more observations.
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Mortal Kombat X announced with trailer

A trailer was released today announcing Mortal Kombat X. This was not entirely a surprise as series creator, Ed Boon, had been counting down to something on his Twitter account. Amazon UK apparently posted a listing for it prematurely last night, but quickly removed it. It is not clear what systems will be targeted for release, but it is safe to say that XBox One and PS4 are probably on that list considering the incredibly detailed graphics shown. Xbox 360, PS3 and PC were included in the accidental Amazon UK posting, but that can’t be considered official yet. The game will be coming in 2015.

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INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us gets Ultimate in new trailer

Warner Bros. and DC’s Mortal Kombat style game, INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us, has gotten itself a ‘Game of the Year’ edition. Dubbing it the Ultimate Edition, this version will feature all of the downloadable content, in addition to the base game, available on disc. It also mentions the new availability for PS4, PSVita and PC, not to mention a mobile version of the game on iPhone and iPad, coming soon to Android.

This edition of the game is currently available as of November 12th on Amazon.

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INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us – Opening Cinematic revealed

The opening cinematic for DC Entertainment’s INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us game has been revealed courtesy of GameStop’s youtube channel. INJUSTICE is scheduled for release on April 16th, just three days away.

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DC Comics unveils INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us brawler from NetherRealm

It looks like some more of that Warner Bros. and DC Comics synergy is coming to fruition. The studio responsible for Mortal Kombat, NetherRealm (part of WB Games) has a new game on the way and it looks like a doozy from this trailer. Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, both comic writers are penning the story and I can only hope it plays out as well as Mortal Kombat’s story did because that was the best storytelling I’ve ever seen in a fighting game. This fighter will feature a pretty great cast of characters just from the short list already announced in Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and Solomon Grundy. The game is called Injustice: Gods Among Us and it really looks like the lines between hero and villain have been greatly blurred. Marvel’s had a pretty great run on fighting games for along time now, but I’m looking forward to see how far DC’s answer to those games can push the limits.

Choice quote from Ed Boon in an interview from GameSpot:

Injustice’ is our twist on the blockbuster over-the-top superhero game in a fighting game shell. We’re trying to add some major components to shake up the fighting game genre…One of the big kind of goals that we have its to is to have fighters that feel completely different from one another.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is coming in 2013 to PS3, XBOX 360 and Wii U.

Official Press release after the jump! In addition, I also embedded the interview with Ed Boon after the jump. Check it out.
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Mortal Kombat 9 Sells Over a Million Copies

It didn’t take long for the new Mortal Kombat game to reach the potential that NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. had been aiming for.

According to April sales reports listed on, the newest MK game sold over 900,000 copies, and crushed competition from Portal 2 and several other games released in the same month. Couple this with Ed Boon’s tweet that sales of the Kollector’s Edition and Tournament Edition actually put overall sales totals at over 1 million, and you’ve got a complete Fatality of records for only being out less than a month. Kongratulations!

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Mortal Kombat Sexy Cosplay shows us that Mortal Kombat guys at NetherRealm Studios knows that 98% of its target audience are guys.

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Mortal Kombat Full Roster Leaked

The new Mortal Kombat is less than a month away from its release on April 19th in the US, and despite not having officially released trailers or imagery for all the characters that will be playable in the game, some new images have been leaked that show the entire roster of the game along with the each character’s VS portrait.
The image shows several characters that had been more or less “revealed” as going to be in the game, yet hadn’t had any renders released. Likewise, the new “Cyborg Sub-Zero” portrait is included, signifying him as a possible unlockable character.

A character selection screen has also been leaked in tangent with the VS portraits. Both images can be found on the Mortal Kombat Online forums, along with a collection of other leaks and information and game speculation, including info on Kenshi revealed not long ago as a DLC character, along with the titular “Lady in Red” (the character fans long ago nicknamed “Skarlett” from previous fan fame). We’ll keep you updated with any more info as it comes out, including the supposed Xbox exclusive character creator Ed Boon has been hinting towards in his twitter that will be opposite the PS3 exclusive Kratos.

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