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The Disney Afternoon Collection Brings Home Nostalga This April

Older poweteers remember that during the 8 and 16 bit years, Capcom released several NES and SNES adaptations of various Disney properties of varying quality. The most well known of these games are a series of titles based upon Disney’s Weekday Afternoon cartoon block. This April, Capcom, along with Digital Eclipse, who released 2015’s Mega Man Legacy Collection, will release The Disney Afternoon Collection, a compilation of 6 NES games. The games include Duck Tales 1 and 2, Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers 1 and 2, Darkwing Duck, and Talespin. The games will feature a rewind button, concept art, boss rush, and time attack modes along with the original games. The compilation will be available on April 18th for $19.99 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. No doubt this is going to bring back memories of after-school homework and cartoons for many a gamer.

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Lost Classics: Darkwing Duck (NES, Game Boy)

Lets get dangerous!

Before Capcom got its hands on the Marvel license, it made several games based on Disney franchises, particularly based on movies and TV shows. Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers, Duck Tales, and Tailspin all received video game adaptations. However, one of the best NES Disney games was undoubtedly Darkwing Duck. You all remember Darkwing Duck. Basically it was a Ducktales spin-off that’s best described as Batman-meets-Spider-man-meets-The Shadow with ducks. It was fun to watch, and the game was just as fun to play. Built off a slightly tweaked version of the Mega Man 5 engine, Darkwing Duck took players through several levels as they attempted to stop a crime wave hitting St. Canard. Armed with your gun (which you can collect adapters to enhance), you take on several enemies from the show on your way to confront the villain Steelbeak. There is probably a very slim chance we’ll see this on Virtual Console, and it’s too bad. Thanks to its quality platforming gameplay, not only did kids enjoy the game, but older players enjoyed it as well. How frequently can you say that about video games based on Disney properties these days?

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Free Comic Book Day 2011

Free Comic Book Day 2011

Tomorrow, May 7, 2011, is the annual Free Comic Book Day (FCBD). For those of you not familiar with Free Comic Book Day, on the first Saturday in May comic shops give out free comic book produced just for FCBD by the publishers. Just how many free comics you can get depends on your local shop, so be sure to ask.

To find a participating comic shop near you click here.

Full list of available comics after the jump.
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Darkwing Duck dressed as Sailor Moon

Darkwing Duck as Sailor Moon
I am the danger that fights evil by moonlight! I am the middle schooler that wins love by daylight! I am … Sailor … Duck?

Here’s Drake Malard aka Darkwing Duck from issue #8 of Boom’s recent Darkwing Duck comic, dressed as Sailor Moon! This is hardly the only cameo in this issue, as a seemingly endless number of alternate Darkwing Ducks all appear and it seems any mildly relevant comic or pop culture character from the past several decades makes an appearance. Tron, Sherlock Holmes, Where’s Waldo and more and more and more and … more.

Just check out a few examples from just that frame:

Sailor Moon and many others cameo in Darkwing Duck

Thanks to poster Twighligh Ghost for bringing this to my attention in a post in the otherwise deserted newsgroup.

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