Hot Topic Sailor Moon costume preview from their website

Hot Topic, who previously had a number of Sailor Moon shirts on sale, as reported by Powet, has lots of new products on sale including a full on Sailor Moon Halloween costume.

The costume itself looks kind of cheap, but that cheapness is mostly relegated to the locket, tiara and hair covers. If a cosplayer used a locket toy and spend some effort into making more high quality versions of those cheap parts, they could put together quite a costume!

This costume was previously speculated to exist by fans in this thread at the Genvid Forums when a Sailor Moon costume was spotted in this behind the scenes photoshoot of Hot Topic costumes.

Sailor Moon costume spotted in Behind the Scenes Halloween Photoshoot

Another forum poster, Sneakers Shingo, got a picture of the packaging for the product which gives a good view of the costume.

Hot Topic Sailor Moon costume product picture by Sneakers Shingo

Sailor Moon fans, don’t forget to pick up the first volumes of the Sailor Moon and Sailor V manga that are available now.

Check out the t-shirts that are also available at Hot Topic.