"Care Bear Stare" billboard for Care Bears on The Hub June 2nd

The new Care Bears series “Welcome to Care-A-Lot”, which will premiere June 2nd, is a bit over two weeks away and the Hub and American Greetings are busy advertising. A huge Care Bears billboard sporting the words “Care Bear Stare” can now be seen in Los Angeles, in the same location that many popular My Little Pony billboard have been posted.

In addition to this a number of videos introducing various Care Bears are now online on the American Greetings web site. Check out videos to introduce Cheer Bear, Funshine Bear, Grumpy Bear, Harmony Bear, Share Bear, Tenderheart Bear and Wonderheart Bear.

Grumpy Bear makes the best of a bad situation

So who’s your favourite bear to date? Grumpy Bear seems promising, with his carry all which seems something like Batman’s utility belt. It should be noted that Funshine Bear is male in this show. Though female in the original Care Bears cartoon, Funshine Bear’s sex has changed in later series.

A male Funshine Bear flips a skateboard

We can see three different humans in these clips, suggesting there will be many to visit Care-a-Lot. In the Tenderheart Bear video, we learn that he sends “Care Kids” a “Care and Share Charm” so that they can come and visit them in Care-a-Lot.

Care Kid with a Care Charm

Care Kid, Share Bear and Harmony Bear

Care Kid and Wonderheart Bear

Grumpy Bear can find anything in his carry all

"Care Bear Stare" billboard for Care Bears on The Hub June 2nd