Napoleon Dynamite The Animated Series

At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con a number of clips from the upcoming Napoleon Dynamite animated series were shown. Fox has shared these clips on their YouTube channel. In this first amazing clip Napoleon rides in on Tina the llama and meets a liger!

Keep reading for more clips, the trailer and some footage from the San Diego Comic-Con pannel.

How did Napoleon get to associate with a liger? This clip of Napoleon talking to his guidance councillor answers this burning question…

This disturbing clip features sexy, sexy Kip in the tub:

This clip seems to cement that this show is a prequel to the movie. In it we see some weird stuff with Napoleon and some zits…

Here’s the original trailer for the show:

As you can see from the panel at SDCC, the voices in this show are all done by the original actors from the movie.

Here’s a crowded interview with the cast:

And here are infinity more clips talking about the show…

Will this show be good? Will it suck? Whatever happens it will be the best animated show on Fox.