We’ve been teased about Hasbro’s Return of Marvel Legends Wave 3 for some time now. We’ve seen a few of the figures and heard the line up, but now we finally get our first look at the entire wave along with some sneak previews of Wave 4 (Wave 1 for 2013).

Join us after the break for pictures, reveals and lineups!

As we have posted in the past the line up for Marvel Legends Returns Wave 3 consists of:
Marvel Knights Punisher
Marvel Knights Blade (variant)
X-Mutants Mystique
X-Mutants Danielle Moonstar (variant)
Uncanny X-Force Deadpool (variant)
Neo-Classic Iron Man
Dr. Doom
Dr. Doom Future Foundation (variant)

I’m vastly underwhelmed by that Moonstar figure. I’m pretty happy with the rest of the wave though.
Deadpool images are from Toyark.com.
Neo-Classic Iron Man and USAgent images are from ActionFigurePics.com
The rest are from TheFwoosh.com


There is a Modern Captain America figure on display as well, but it is unclear if he is a variant for USAgent or if he is a figure in Wave 1 for 2013 (Wave 4, which is what I will call it going forward).
Image below from Fwoosh.com.

New figures that we have not previously seen before were also on display listed as being part of Wave 4.

Red She-Hulk (pic from ToyArk.com) – The face sculpt on this look fantastic. This mold is a vast improvement over the prior wave’s Mystique and Moonstar!

Protector (pic from TheFwoosh.com) – I have no idea who this guy is. Must be someone pretty recent.

Iron Fist (pic from ActionFigurePics.com) – You can almost guarantee that the more traditional green costume will be a variant for this figure.

The Sentry (pic from ActionFigurePics.com) – This looks to be an improvement over the Toy Biz Sentry figure. The cape is much less bulky and looks less likely to get in the way of posing the figure. The large belt is a nice break from his otherwise plain and boring costume. The face sculpt looks a bit off though.

Archangel (pic from ActionFigurePics.com) – This is the classic look of the figure that we’ve already seen in the SDCC Exclusive Uncanny X-Force 3 pack in different colors. Compared to that costume, this one looks a bit boring. The wings could have used a more metallic paint instead of that grey unpainted plastic as well. Ah well, can’t win em all.

Hopefully we will get more details in Hasbro’s panel. We’ll have more as it is revealed!