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Toy Fair 2013: Possible MattyCollector reveals


I was surfing facebook earlier this evening when I saw a photo of a MOTU Classics Mantenna shared on the Masters of the Universe Classics facebook group and I did a double take. It sure looked like an official photo and legitimate photograph, but who can tell these days. We live in a world of Photoshop mockups. I put all the images from there into a gallery for everyone to see after the jump.

Can anyone verify if these are real?

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SDCC 2012: Preview Night – Marvel Legends

We’ve been teased about Hasbro’s Return of Marvel Legends Wave 3 for some time now. We’ve seen a few of the figures and heard the line up, but now we finally get our first look at the entire wave along with some sneak previews of Wave 4 (Wave 1 for 2013).

Join us after the break for pictures, reveals and lineups!
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SDCC 2011: Preview Night – 6 inch Star Wars figures spotted at ThreeA booth

ActionFigurePics got some nice photos of some prototype Star Wars figures that were on display at the ThreeA Toys booth. Apparently, these figures are strictly prototypes meant to be shown to Takara and are not meant for sale. ThreeA is not making these toys. Yet? Ashley Wood of ThreeA toys took out the Stormtrooper to show off some of its seemingly decent articulation. On display were a carded Stormtrooper, uncarded Stormtrooper and a carded Boba Fett.

If, ever, a 6 inch Star Wars toy line ever made it to production, I fear it will set the action figure collecting world on its side.
For more pictures, be sure to check out AFP’s gallery here.


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SDCC 2011: Marvel Legends returns with Wave 1 lineup is apparently wandering the hall at SDCC a little early and managed to snag a picture of the first wave of Marvel Legends after their multi-year hiatus.

It is with great pleasure I can tell you the wave consists of:
Steve Rogers
Extremis Armor Thor
Hope Summers
Ghost Rider (I have no idea what version this is. New to me. Movie?)
and the previously announced Build-A-Figure; Terrax.

So we have 2 villains, a movie figure, an X-Man and the Avengers core team to round out the first wave. Seems pretty well balanced to me.

More images can be seen here at Marvelous News.

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