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NYCC 2011: Lost’s Harold Perrineau is the voice of Blade

Harold Perrineau as Blade the Vampire Slayer

Hey did you know there’s a Blade anime? Well there is, and Marvel has announced that the voice of Blade for the dub will be none other than Harold Perrineau, Michael from Lost. Will Harold be able to live up to the legacy left by Wesley Snipes, Sticky Fingaz and a bunch of people you’ve never heard of who voiced him in video games? With a great movie and TV show predating it, this anime has some tall shoes to fill.

The Blade anime has already started airing in Japan and will be playing on G4TV in January 2012 along with many other Marvel anime shows. We previously gave our thoughts on a number of these shows on the Powetcast back in May.

Keep reading to watch some footage from the Blade anime. [Read the rest of this entry…]

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Thor 2 Director and Release Date Announced

Marvel has just announced that Patty Jenkins will be directing Thor 2, and the the movie will be released on November 15, 2013.

Press release:

Marvel Studios announced today that Patty Jenkins will direct “Thor 2,” which will be released in theaters on Friday, November 15, 2013. Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman will return to star in the film along with Tom Hiddleston. Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige will produce the sequel to this summer’s blockbuster “Thor,” which has grossed over $448 million worldwide to date.

Patty Jenkins previously directed “Monster” starring Charlize Theron, who won an Academy Award for her performance in the film. Jenkins, who received an Emmy nomination for directing the pilot of AMC’s acclaimed series “The Killing,” has also directed episodes of “Entourage” and “Arrested Development.” Most recently, she directed “Pearl,” one of the five short films that comprise Lifetime’s original movie “Five.”

In addition to “Thor 2,” Marvel Studios is currently scheduled to release “Marvel’s The Avengers” on May 4, 2012, and “Iron Man 3” which is slated for release on May 3, 2013.

Jenkins is represented by CAA, Anonymous Content, and Alan Wertheimer.

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AFX shows off new photo of Deadpool Corps Minimates

Action Figure Xpress has posted a new photo on their Facebook page of the forthcoming Deadpool Corps Box set of minimates exclusive to New York Comic Con and AFX’s own online store. Looks like we’ll be getting the whole team except for Dogpool.

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AFX reveals exclusive Deadpool Corps Minimates set for NYCC 2011

Action Figure Xpress has updated their facebook page revealing that they will have an exclusive set of minimates based on the Deadpool Corps for New York Comic Con 2011. From the write-up:

Wade Wilson, the merc with a mouth, is good at three things: violence, not dying and being a bit funny in the head. So when he was found to be the only one immune to the consciousness-destroying Awareness, he had to team up with his alternate-reality counterparts to form… the Deadpool Corps! Lady Deadpool was a rebel who fought against a fascist American government; Kidpool was a student at the Xavier Orphange for Troubled Boys; Championpool has mastered every form of combat in the galaxy and is virtually unbeatable; and Headpool is a disembodied head from a world where everyone is a zombie. This exclusive four-and-a-half-pack of 2-inch Marvel Minimates mini-figures unites the five members of the Deadpool Corps. Each figure (except Headpool) has 14 points of articulation.

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