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PowetToys: Collectors Edition – Tampography/Pad Printing

And now for something completely different.

PowetToys Collectors Edition is a new spin-off series to the PowetToys reviews. I wanted an educational video series on the industry and collecting as a whole. This is my attempt in this endeavor. Let me know what you think in the comments!

ITWTransTech Pad Printing 101

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Toy Fair 2010

Today marks the kick off of New York Toy Fair 2010 and I am just as eager as everyone else to talk about what is being revealed at the show.

Press releases and sneak peak photos were all over the web starting last night. All the info is after the break.
This post will be kept at the top of the page today since I will be adding updates and news as I find it throughout the day.

Warning: This post may get image heavy as updates continue to come in.
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Mighty Morphin! Bandai chooses you!


Bandai has announced that it has chosen the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers as the next theme for the Power Rangers series. Since Transformers knocked the Power Rangers from the top spot in the young boys’ toys category, Bandai seems to have chosen a strategy to get back to the roots of their franchise in order to appeal to older fans and bring in more new fans, as well.

The toyline will feature both classic and new interpretations of the characters, zords, and more. This will be accompanied by an all new Saturday morning series debuting in January 2010 on ABC kids. The toys are scheduled to hit retail before the end of the year.

I remember tuning in Saturday mornings for the Fox Kids X-Men animated series and sticking around after to catch the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. I lost interest around the first time they changed the theme of the show. I think it became Power Rangers Zeo or something like that. I felt it was around then that it had jumped the ‘zord’, so to speak. Looking forward to see where this goes, especially if there are new zord toys.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

Press release after the jump
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