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Keep Playing Pac Man Championship Edition iPhone

The first Powet review of an iPhone game! How does it stack up to the Xbox Live Pac-Man: Championship Edition?

Buy this game on iTunes if you’d like, or you can redeem a code for the original version or purchase an iTunes card to download Pac-Man CE to your iPhone or iPod Touch!

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Chronotron goes to PAX

This is the latest in Powet Editor Zac Shipley’s series on video game culture in Madison, WI for TheDailyPage.

Joe Rheaume’s Excellent Adventure: Chronotron goes from Madison to Penny Arcade Expo
The online comic strip and blog Penny Arcade has been a leading tastemaker in the gaming world for nearly a decade now. It has reached new heights over the last five years with its own convention, the Penny Arcade Expo, held every August in Seattle. Though gamers from all over the nation will find a weekend of fun and competition at this year’s con, Madison native Joe Rheaume will be an invited guest to show his hit time travel game Chronotron. >More

Play Chronotron now.

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Midwest Gaming Classic

Midwest Gaming Classic 2008

Read more at The Daily Page: Going old school at the 2008 Midwest Gaming Classic

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Penny Arcade in Wired, New Game Trailer

Don’t get too excited by the photo above. These are not the actors to play Beaker and Dr Bunson Honeydew in a live action Muppet movie. They are Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, the creators of Penny Arcade. This weekend they’re in the middle of the Penny-Arcade Expo in Washington, and they’ve issued a new trailer for their first game.
Its some big news that the game, titled “On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode One” will be hitting Xbox 360 in addition to Mac, Linux, and Windows.
Wired Magazine also offers a profile, declaring “This is the story of how two douches from Spokane, Washington, became the most powerful players in the videogame industry.”

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WIRED 40 for 2007

WIRED Magazine has just released their annual list spotlighting the best and brightest companies in tech.

The Wired 40 this year puts Nintendo on the list for the first time at an astounding #6. Microsoft, unstoppable juggernaut of the industry they are, barely made the list at #40. Don’t feel too bad for them: Sony didn’t make the list at all. Google and Apple retain their 1 & 2 spots from last year.

Bonus: a lenticular cover featuring The Office‘s Jenna Fischer.

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South Park Studios profiled on

southparkmac.jpg South Park may have a real simple look, but it takes 34 Apple G5 workstations and a hundreds of thousands of dollars in off the shelf software to give it that look.’s “Pro” section takes a look inside what it takes to produce the show. Though heavy on Mac evangilism (it is Apple’s site), the article contains some interesting information about South Park Studios. They work 120 Hour weeks during the season to get a show done in time for broadcast so its as current as that day’s news. I always assumed Comedy Central never ran clips in commercials because the show was hard to advertise in advance, or they didn’t want to spoil the jokes. Its actually because South Park is delivered mere hours before its aired.

Read more on Apple Profiles South Park Studios

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Penny Arcade Game Trailer

In the realm of webcomics there is no bigger name than Penny Arcade. So when they announced they were making a game, we cheered at seeing our favorite game critics become game characters… and then of course, feared that the game would be the type they’d normally criticize.

From this short preview, theres very little actual gameplay, but it looks promising. It appears to take place outside of the normal “Tycho & Gabe” world in one of their stranger made up worlds. Oh and theres the Fruit Fucker.

Something that is for sure is the game is being simultaneously released to Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. So anyone who can read the Penny Arcade comic can play the game! It’ll be episodic, but hopefully not episodic like S.I.N., which was cancelled after one installment or Half Life, which has its second release now over a year late.

Get all 59 seconds of the preview in quicktime, wmv. or HD. Oh and of course, if you didn’t know already you can read Penny Arcade the comic strip 3 times a week here.

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New Soundwave

tak10695.jpgLooks like Takara might be trying to make up for Kissplay. BBTS has put up a pre-order page for a new Soundwave toy that is actually an MP3 player. Fully transforms and plays music via a Mini SD card reader. At a size that’ll be a bit smaller than G1 Soundwave, we finally have our Classics Soundwave. Word is there’ll be two versions, one in Soundwave’s colors and another in ipod’s standard white. There’s also going to be a Convoy figure released with a remolded head and an ipod docking station trailer with speakers, which is a neat novelty. All three can be found here:

All three items are expected to arrive around July. I can’t wait. I pre-ordered mine already!

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