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E3 2012: All Xbox 360 Trailers Playlist

All killer, no filler.

These are all the videos from the Microsoft press event, minus the staged introductions from the executives.

Enjoy, and post your thoughts about any of these videos in our comments section!

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South Park Studios profiled on

southparkmac.jpg South Park may have a real simple look, but it takes 34 Apple G5 workstations and a hundreds of thousands of dollars in off the shelf software to give it that look.’s “Pro” section takes a look inside what it takes to produce the show. Though heavy on Mac evangilism (it is Apple’s site), the article contains some interesting information about South Park Studios. They work 120 Hour weeks during the season to get a show done in time for broadcast so its as current as that day’s news. I always assumed Comedy Central never ran clips in commercials because the show was hard to advertise in advance, or they didn’t want to spoil the jokes. Its actually because South Park is delivered mere hours before its aired.

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Boxless: South Park HD, Tekken, Ocarina

southparkninjas.jpgLets start this off with some good news on a freebie: Game|Life reports that the first ever release of a high-definition episode of South Park will hit Xbox Live Marketplace. Starting Tuesday March 6, the Season 8 classic “Good Times With Weapons” will be available to Gold members for no cost for 2 weeks. Those without Xbox 360 or Live can still get the episode: On March 20 Best Buy is giving an HD-DVD for free with the purchase of any Xbox HD DVD player or a 360.

Personally, I grabbed Alien Hominid and Ms Pac-Man on Live Arcade this week. Alien Hominid is about the hardest game I’ve ever played on XBLA, and includes a boss event I cannot pass because I have no idea what to shoot. Ms Pac-Man I cleared all 200 Achievement points in under 2 hours. Go figure. Worms HD finally drops next week for another 800 points ($10), but I’ll pass until I actually finish Alien Hominid.

Tekken finally made it to the North American Playstation Network. Which is pretty good if you have a 1080p TV, don’t own the PS2 or the PSP versions. Nah, its budget priced and worth your dollar to get it in the prettiest format available. I understand you can buy Jin a new hat in this one. The much hyped Warhawk sequel from Sony has been downgraded from a full game to a Multiplayer-only download title. Well at least they won’t charge you an arm and a leg for it now.

The best game on the download circuit this week has to go to the best game ever made, The Legend Of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. Nearly a decade after release, its still got the highest rating of any game released before or since. $10 is a hefty sum on Wii‘s Virtual Console, but considering how vast the game is, its a bargain. Nintendo obviously knows how awesome this is, as its been released on the GameCube twice, but if you missed those or (god forbid) the N64 original, now is the time.

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