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Public Enemies: Starring Zac Shipley on DVD today!

If you’d like yours personally autographed, please email me,

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Dangers of Online Gaming with Powet.TV Hosts

Powet’s own Caleb Goessling and Sean Corse were featured on NBC 15 in Madison, WI last night as part of a story on the dangers of online gaming, and what you can expect to hear when you put on a headset.

You can find the entire clip here. What you don’t know about playing online… could kill you… or something.

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Review: Wolfenstein

In possibly my final look at the gaming industry and culture in Wisconsin, I take on Raven Software’s new shooter and what it may mean for the studio.

Raven falls short with Wolfenstein , follows layoffs with high hopes for Singularity
Wolfenstein seems content to mimic rather than bust the genre it created, though there’s nothing wrong with that for a summer game. As an end-of-summer game with Halo and Call of Duty sequels on the horizon, though, it falls short. Then barely a week after releasing the game in late August, Raven laid off dozens of employees from its 180-person staff. This came at a time when the studio has been enjoying a higher profile thanks to its string of new releases.
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Powet Rocks WYOU in Madison

Zac Shipley and Sean Orange team up with friends Keith and Dawn on Madison’s WYOU cable channel for the 2nd annual Virtual Band competition.

The first performance, originally aired on May 6th 2009, is highlighted here. More videos from our later performances will follow, as well as links to the complete show when it becomes available.

Enjoy “Pump It Up” and “Psycho Killer!”

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Powetcast Episode 9: The Superhero Movie Curse

powetcast Wolverine doesn’t make up for X-Men III, Dollhouse loses an episode, McFarlane Toys cuts jobs, Weird Al comes to BotCon, and a few of the Powet boys are going to be on TV! REAL TV.

It’s the Powetcast for the week of May 4th, 2009!

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Show notes after the jump!
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Powet.TV at Midwest Gaming Classic 2009

Zac and I got the chance to go to the Midwest Gaming Classic this year! What follows is each of our perspectives about the event: Zac, able to roam freely, and me? Stuck behind a table vending for!

A Look At Midwest Gaming Classic 2009

Famicom Dojo – Midwest Gaming Classic 2009 Special

YouTube Version

Video Netcast Version
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Direct Link: Famicom Dojo – Midwest Gaming Classic 2009 Special

Show notes:
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Zac’s Favorite Games of 2008

This is the latest in Powet Editor Zac Shipley’s series on video game culture in Madison, WI for TheDailyPage.

My favorite video games of 2008
Madison developers and gaming continue to move forward in 2009
The last several years have been wonderful for gamers, setting a ridiculously high bar. Was last year up to the challenge? I initially jumped at the chance to rant and rave at the best and worst of electronic entertainment in 2008, but I’m far from an unbiased professional. >More


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Obama & McCain in Presidential Material Comics

The latest installment in Powet Editor Zac Shipley‘s look into Geek Culture in Madison, WI.

Westfield Comics counts votes for Obama and McCain with Presidential Material from IDW

One hero struggles with identity, searching for a cause in life, coming to grips with how he can bring hope to the world. Another hero stands tall, looking to maintain a long legacy of service, realizing only after losing his freedom how important it is to him. They are not the costumed, super-powered titans found only in the pages of comic books, though, but candidates for President of the United States.
Read more at The Daily Page

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