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Toy Fair 2013: Possible MattyCollector reveals


I was surfing facebook earlier this evening when I saw a photo of a MOTU Classics Mantenna shared on the Masters of the Universe Classics facebook group and I did a double take. It sure looked like an official photo and legitimate photograph, but who can tell these days. We live in a world of Photoshop mockups. I put all the images from there into a gallery for everyone to see after the jump.

Can anyone verify if these are real?

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Powet Toys Review: Young Justice Superboy and Artemis

The Young Justice toy line has come to an end, but with the second season currently on tv, I decided I need to buy these figures before they’re gone for good.

Here is a review of the deluxe Superboy and Artemis figures. Kinda disappointed that Superboy didn’t come in his more common jeans/shirt outfit. Artemis is spot on, though the hands could use some work.

Enjoy the video! Buy these toys before they’re gone! They look great with DCUC figures!

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Powet Toys: DC Universe Classics Wave 5

Hey, this review is only a few years late! I’ll share with you the cautionary tale of not opening your toys and missing out of years of enjoyment of some good figures!

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Reminder: MattyCollector Day for December 2011

MOTU Classics Demo-Man - Club Eternia Figure for December 2011

A reminder to all collectors, today is MattyCollector Day for December 2011.

The following items will be on sale on at Noon Eastern Standard Time:
MOTUC Demo-Man
MOTUC Wind Raider
MOTUC Battleground Evil-Lyn
DCU Legion of Super Heroes 12 Pack (reissue with burst*)
DCUC Wave 19 Sandman I
DCUC Wave 19 The Atom I
DCUC Wave 19 Modern Kobra
DCUC Wave 19 Hawkman Classic
DCUC Wave 19 Magog
DCUC Wave 19 Star Girl
JLU 3-Pack: Goldface / Evil Star / Kyle Rayner
JLU 3-Pack: Angleman / Firestorm / Killer Frost
JLU 3-Pack: Heatwave / The Flash / Mirror Master
Ghostbusters™ 6″ Vigo with painting (included with 2011 Club Ecto-1 subscriptions)
Ghostbusters™ II 12″ Winston Zeddemore and Peter Venkman Set
Ghostbusters™ II 12″ Ray Stantz and Egon Spengler Set
8″ Guy Gardner
8″ John Stewart
8″ Kyle Rayner
8″ Sinestro

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Reminder: MattyCollector Day for November 2011 – Snout Spout, Swift Wind, Bubble Power She-Ra

MOTU Classics Snout Spout - Club Eternia Figure for November 2011

Just a reminder to all collectors, today is MattyCollector Day for November 2011.
On sale today at are the following:
MOTUC Snout Spout
MOTUC Swift Wind
MOTUC Bubble Power She-Ra
DCUC Toyman
DCUC Black Vulcan
DCUC Samurai
DCUC El Dorado
DCUC Captain Boomerang
DCUC Bronze Tiger
Retro Action Shazam
Retro Action Black Adam
Retro Action Martian Manhunter
Retro Action Darkseid
Retro Action Superman
Retro Action Batman
12 in Green Lantern Hal Jordan (for entirely too much money)

The main ordering page can be found here.

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Reminder: MattyCollector Day for October 2011

A reminder to all collectors! Today is MattyCollector Day. At 12 Noon EST, a whole mess of items will be going up for sale on The list includes:

  • MOTUC Icarius (NA FlipShot)
  • MOTUC Reissue Merman
  • MOTUC Reissue BattleCat
  • Ghostbusters Prop Replica Ghost Trap
  • Ghostbusters 6 inch Ray with Slime Blower
  • DCUC Legion of Superheroes 12-pack
  • DCUC Wonder Woman (Violet Lantern)
  • DCUC The Atom (Indigo Lantern)
  • DCUC Scarecrow (Yellow Lantern)
  • DCUC Lex Luthor (Orange Lantern)
  • DCUC Hal Jordan (White Lantern)
  • DCUC Hal Jordan (Black Lantern)
  • DCUC The Flash (Blue Lantern)

The main ordering page for all these items can be found here.

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DC Universe Club Infinite Earths moving forward


This was not terribly surprising and much of the speculation I saw on Twitter turned out to pretty much nail the announcement. The basic run down is Mattel did not receive the number of subscriptions they wanted to reach for the DC Universe Club Infinite Earths action figure subscription. When subscription ordering closed, Mattel stated they needed a couple weeks to figure out where to go from there.

Mattel announced the result of those internal discussions on Facebook today. The subscription will move forward. If you decide to purchase any figures on the day of the sale, those figures will be more expensive than you would have paid with the subscription. In addition, the subscription will open back up temporarily for people to order. More details on that are forthcoming. Finally, the fan choice subscription figure was also announced. That figure will be Metron in his Mobius Chair.

Check out the full announcement after the break.
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SDCC 2011: Mattel’s Mattypalooza panel

This was the big one for a lot of those following at home. Mattel had some big announcements to make including Ghostbusters, Voltron, DC Universe and most especially Masters of the Universe (MOTU). ActionFigurePics actually got video of the whole presentation (seen above). I will not attempt to summarize in neat bullet point form the contents of the panel after the jump. Get ready because there were some big announcements!

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