I was surfing facebook earlier this evening when I saw a photo of a MOTU Classics Mantenna shared on the Masters of the Universe Classics facebook group and I did a double take. It sure looked like an official photo and legitimate photograph, but who can tell these days. We live in a world of Photoshop mockups. I put all the images from there into a gallery for everyone to see after the jump.

Can anyone verify if these are real?

Some MOTU Classics figures:

Batros, Castaspella, Mantenna, Shakoti and the New Adventures He-Man

Matty_Batros Matty_Castaspella Matty_Mantenna21 Matty_Mantenna5 Matty_Mantenna3 Matty_Mantenna1 Matty_Mantenna4 Matty_Shakoti Matty_NA_HeMan

I gotta be honest here. I don’t see dud in this entire lineup. If this is the real deal, then hats off to Mattel for picking some great character choices and the Four Horsemen for doing what they do. I’m not a huge filmation character supporter, but both Batros and Shakoti look very desirable to me. And Mantenna. He’s amazing. I can’t identify anything on him that looks like its a reused part. It actually really makes me question the validity of the images.

The Comedian

Matty_Comedian1 Matty_Comedian2 Matty_Comedian3

Pretty straight-forward here.

DC Universe Classics

Fire, Icer, and Huntress

Matty_Fire1 Matty_Fire2 Matty_HuntressREV1 Matty_HuntressREV2 Matty_HuntressREV3 Matty_Icer

Fire and Huntress looks pretty great. I’m not familiar with the Icer character, which means I’ll be reading up on him a lot later. The more obscure lines tend to go, the more interested I usually get.