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Dragon Age: Redemption Episode 1 – Tallis

Watch the first episode of this long-anticipated web series. Those who have played Dragon Age 2 in particular will see some familiar sights!

Check out a quick synopsis and review after the jump! [Read the rest of this entry…]

“Tuff Tank” – Venture Bros & Cowboy Bebop Mashup

Our recent podcast about Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim” made me think that my favorite 2 shows also have really incredible music. So I just tried reversing them. Venture Bros now has the “Tank!” theme from Bebop, edited slightly to it VB’s shorter intro. Cowboy Bebop has a chunk of the extended Venture Bros ending theme “Tuff” taken from the VB soundtrack released with the Season 3 Bluray.

Powet Toys: Generations Thundercracker

Here we are with the classics seeker mold for the 7th time. Do I give a crap?

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Pre-E3 2011 Speculation: Project Cafe

If you’re seeing this, then either the world hasn’t ended, or you were left behind.

At least you’ll have Nintendo’s next console to keep you entertained!

Check out some idle speculation about what we’ll see at E3, but most what Nintendo needs to do to keep its fans happy:

What are your thoughts about Nintendo’s next system? Leave your comments below!

Transformers Dark Of The Moon Wave 1 Toy Impressions Video

Like many Transformers fans, I headed to the stores on May 16 to see the release of the first wave of figures for the third live action movie. I intended to only buy 1, maybe 2… but once I was in store, it was hard not to grab 3. This video is a quick look at Powerglide, Deluxe Starscream, and Voyager Megatron.

Something I didn’t mention in the video: Megatron and the other voyagers are quite small. The price point is lower than its been in previous years (around $19), but these figures are exactly in the scale of the “Mega” size class used popularized in the Beast Wars era. That size was abandoned as of Armada. Megatron appears to be about the same size as Transmetal Megatron from Beast Wars.

What are your Mass Effect 3 Predictions?

Pretend it’s Wednesday.

Got it? Great!

Now, pretend that everyone who wanted to play Mass Effect 2 on whatever major platform has now had a chance to do so since its release on PS3 “yesterday”. Never mind that the last 24 hours have hardly been enough time to get through a single playthrough, let alone multiple you may need to let the whole story seep into your pores. This author and videographer has (obviously) had significantly more time to digest everything that the first two Mass Effects have had to offer in order to bring you this predictions video!

Keep watching this space for our next KEEP PLAYING video about Mass Effect 2’s many, MANY romance options! And feel free to make your own predictions below.

Powet Presents: Skeevy Italian Plumbers

The Second Annual Powet.TV Awards have been delayed a week to give our intrepid East Coast Powet crew time to get back home from the monster blizzards that left thousands of people stranded over the last week.

Until then, please enjoy this little tribute to our favorite plumbing duo:

Powet Presents: That’s… Last Day

In lieu of our regularly scheduled programming, we bring you this special message from the production house that brings you Famicom Dojo!

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